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  1. Not clear enough for you to understand, obviously. Though that seems a ridiculously challenging task this evening. So this forum and in particular this thread isn't for airing grievances, according to a select few. Well if I wanted to do this via any of the games' social media pages they would direct me straight to this thread would they not?! Ah whatever, what's done is done. Enjoy the game.
  2. 'Probably the quietest?' Nothing factual there is it. So I'll dismiss that with the same gusto you did me, thanks.
  3. Instead of putting words in my mouth why don't you try and offer some sort of reasoned defense or logical explanation? Instead you are just coming across like a fanboy.
  4. I did, I conceded two more goals anyway. And they didn't bring on any extra attackers. And no, it's not a shame. I've identified the worst FM in years and got my money back. I'm not missing out on anything and the general consensus is with me. Funny how no-one is taking me to task on any of the other criticisms I said by the way. Just really really poor stuff.
  5. No, but it was when I conceded 4 goals, owing to ratings and morale staying exactly the same across the board so I have absolutely no way of telling what happened to cause it.
  6. You mean the tactics that were good enough to give me a 5-0 HT lead?
  7. Football Manager 2009 - 131 hours on record. Football Manager 2010 - 448 hours on record. Football Manager 2011 - 842 hours on record. Football Manager 2012 - 681 hours on record. Football Manager 2013 - 464 hours on record. Football Manager 2014 - 336 hours on record. Football Manager 2015 - 225 hours on record. Football Manager 2016 - 82 hours on record. Football Manager 2017 - Refunded on Steam ... Need I say more? Oh alright then. But only briefly. Pointless social media stuff (at least some of the hashtag words could have been in a different, more appropriate language for authenticity and not always English) that dominates the entire screen and churns out the same old comments. No improvements whatsoever to Press Conference questions, just re-writing. No improvements to overall animations of the goalkeeper (saving with wrong hand etc.) And a really sorry example of scripting that left me no choice but to uninstall. So I was 5-0 with Sparta Prague at HT in a CL qualifier. Said the right things to keep everyone motivated. Then conceded 4 goals. Could happen, I suppose. Except all my player ratings didn't go down and all of theirs didn't go up, and my player morale stayed constant as did theirs. So what the hell was the match engine telling me? They scored 4 goals out of nothing and I conceded 4 goals out of nothing? I've said this before and I'll say it again, and my above Steam history qualifies me to say it. Something, quite a lot actually, is amiss with the series. Would it help if there was a genuine challenger? Absolutely. Lots and lots of reviews on Steam have it spot on. It's lost its soul, it's feeling. And it simply isn't very good anymore. Such a huge huge shame. Can't see me coming back for the forseeable.
  8. 43 hours into the new game and I'm done with it. The last pre-order I will ever make for the series. If I don't see considerable improvements in future demo's I won't be buying the game again, potentially... Why? Match engine. It just gets worse and worse. Goalkeepers: Mess around with tactics, putting players into their 'correct' roles all you want but when you are constantly conceding goals due to 'bad goalkeeping' then there is nothing you can do. And what I mean by bad goalkeeping is not the goalkeeper being a bad player at all, nor getting bad game ratings for making mistakes. I mean - Atrocious handling skills, positioning, diving angles. It's like watching them in Swan Lake sometimes. Facing the wrong way, pirouetting. Or diving early. Or diving way past the shot. Or just running straight past the ball without even going to ground. Or parrying it BEHIND them. -... and to counter that, goalkeepers freezing after saving a shot. STILL we have not got scrambling or any response. So you might think, don't watch it in 3D. Thing is, I never have. Except you cannot hide these issues even in 2D top down, for example. Shots will be conceded through the goalkeeper, so you think, maybe it went through his body. Quite realistic. Except no, because you watch a replay in the match engine and you see him for example taking a step back, trying to pick up the ball, and the ball flies through him at a rate of knots, as if he was made of jelly or something. Erm what? And as for the classic trying to save the ball with his feet from 25-30 yards.... As for everything else, how many times are you clean through and the player decides inexplicably to hold the ball up? I don't see these things as patch issues, I see them as continual Match Engine issues. Things are just not good enough anymore. Totally shatters the illusion of anything you are trying to build in your head.
  9. Just wanted to give this a little bump. Since the scouting system has changed so it's dependent on what staff you get first and foremost (And I like it a lot) then you need to give us an option to search for scouts that have a knowledge of a certain country or region. For example if you are lacking in African knowledge, a simple search under 'scouting knowledge' would bring up options of nations or perhaps regions, just as it does when you are telling your scouts to jog on somewhere. So for example; Staff Role: Scout Employed: Yes Scouting Knowledge: Either North Africa, Algeria Would be perfect for next game.
  10. Well if there is no-one else that has suffered an unrealistic blight of injuries managing a NT at, to say the least, inopportune moments than I shall count myself unlucky. Though I'm fairly sure nobody ever breaks their leg on the night before or right on the day of a game. Fair enough. But I really do need to see some improvements in that. You get some formation and tactics and players thing right and you end up being undone because through no fault of your own your extremely talented keeper decides it's a great idea to try and control a 30 yard piledriver by standing on the ball, and it goes through his legs and in. Kills the game save you have going stone dead.
  11. Ah, after a bit of rigmarole I can finally put this up. I come away after my 250 hours FM'ing 2015 with two things in my mind. Injuries and match engine. Injuries: There are too many of them. I'm not the first nor the last to say it. Throw as many 'look at the PL weekend' stats as you want, because I'm not even talking about club level per se. When I was managing Argentina, on the actual day of the game, I lost not 1 (which itself is inexcusable, on the DAY of the game with no training) but THREE players all to injuries. Not only injuries, but leg-breaks, ACL's and the like. Messi, Higuain and Di Maria I think it was. I'd really like to know how those injuries came about, and one single instance where this sort of thing has happened. Yes you get maybe 1-3 minor injuries during an entire international break, people pull up with something. But that severity, that close to a game? In any case that was an extreme version of my point. More generally, it got to the point where I clicked on every single player in my national pool and disabled reports or updates, paranoid, because I kept getting notifications every couple of weeks that a handful of them each time had picked up 3 months, 5 months or 8 month injuries. At some point I reckon 30-40% of my entire national pool at long term injuries. It is/was utterly ridiculous. If you consider the qualifiers and such IRL, and how generally speaking they are more consistent teams that are put out for all these games. You very rarely see wholesale changes or reports of injuries on mass. At club level with a club you control there is a lot more into it, i.e the amount of training, physical nature of tactics you employ, style of football, quality of physio's etc which can all help or hinder the injury process. But you control very little of that when it comes to the NT so whichever algorithm the game uses to quantify probability of injuries for international callups in my eyes is seriously broken and needs a fix. Match-Engine: By making it more complicated and less focused i.e height, weight, speed of player etc all introduced SI have actually taken several steps back in making the thing actually look and feel like football, and a major part of that is the bane of most sport games in fairness, the Goalkeeper, the immersion shattering position. I'm very surprised that during QA and testing this did not come up with a matter of urgency to be fixed in what was then upcoming patches. Still with the latest version of the game you are seeing; -Parries to an open striker with absolutely no reaction to try and make up to the mistake. Whatever the angle the parry, the goalkeeper remains motionless. At times there is even 3 or 4 seconds before the striker reaches the loose ball and still the goalkeeper is there lying on this back. Absolutely ample time to get up, make a move or at least look interested. Nothing. -Goalkeepers trying to save shots from 25 years out using legs. Comically, from a standing position at times. I mean are you serious. There is no excuse for this. I'm quite happy for goalkeepers to make mistakes but when they are apparent ME errors such as this the whole game is ruined. A couple of other errors I noticed too. I was Deportivo playing Valencia and we went 2-0 up. I told them to play defensively. It became 3-1. I put that down to luck. I was not going to moan so at 3-1 I was even happier to see this out so I instructed my players to contain, play safe, waste time, brought off an attacking player and put another DM on, changed the full-backs to automatic which would therefore fall in line with the contain, play safe and waste time etc. The final score was 5-1. It feels ridiculous complaining about a great win but it felt I had absolutely no control over what was going on and no matter what I did it could not have changed things. This was more of a personal experience, I accept, but another case of it not feeling like football. If Mourinho wants his players to park the bus even at unsuitable moments, against the players wishes it would seem, then I would like to do the same in my game, especially since I had the respect of the dressing room for listening to their training requests, demand for more playing time and even the board acknowledge the 'positive atmosphere emanating from the changing room.' One final thing; and this has been there for the past few FM's and it's annoying as hell - it's obvious when there is going to be a goal. I don't know if this happens to others but when I watch on the 2D view, the action 'skips' or 'jumps' or 'clicks' slightly, approximately half a second. Noticeable because practically every time it happens it leads to a goal. I thought it might be a graphics thing but my computer is rated 5 stars for graphics performance so don't see why that should happen. Espeically since it doesn't happen in 3D mode. So a football game where you know a goal is coming (2D interface) vs a football game where the goalkeeper's animations are totally broken (3D interface) ensures that this was the worst FM in a while. Infact the hours I played is considerably less than all the other FM's as a result. Nevertheless not a poultry amount, and that's because.... there is no alternative. I'm well aware of the bugs forum and have indeed put things there in the past, but for these somewhat 'more obvious, less niggly' issues I really want to hear some fellow user's thoughts to see if they have similar experiences.
  12. Which I said in the post. For crying out loud. In any case it is an observation, which I believed I would be able to post, particularly since I am not attacking anyone personally. I apologise for putting it in the wrong place, but why didn't I get an edit or warning about it? Just deleting it out of hand seems totally draconian and not befitting to what I always thought to be a fair and open forum. I would like to put it in a separate thread but it took me a long time to write. Is there anyway to get it back temporarily so I can transfer and, if I must, edit, or is it gone forever. I'd also like to say, HUNT3R, that just because you disagree with my observation, does not give you the right to delete it. If it broke the rules, you can, but clearly it did not. We shall see.
  13. Excuse me, why has my post with fair criticisms been deleted? Mod? I won't be buying next year's game, squarely your fault, unless you explain yourself.
  14. The A-League is absolutely unplayable. I'm well aware that it's a league with a slower tempo and that on the whole the players are obviously older with smaller natural fitness's... but you spend most of the time ending matches with 10 men because you have 3 major injuries and a 4th for good luck. Shame, as it's a fascinating league to get involved with but for this build of the game, impossible.
  15. I'd be willing to bet that 60% don't buy the In-game Editor. Probably not even close to half that. As far as I'm concerned it's down to laziness - one thing that reviewers always pick up on in reviews is sound and it always lowers the final score which in turn affects the metacritic. ...Ok by bringing Metacritic into things I know I'm clutching at straws. I've said all I can say on this.
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