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  1. He'll play 90 in the Italy and Uraguay games. He'll be taken off after 60-70 mins against Costa Rica once the game is won.
  2. Anyone not watching the opening ceremony shouldn't be allowed watch the game afterwards tbph.
  3. Hoping for a Croatia win, would liven up the whole tournament right away.
  4. As players with long odds go I think Jackson Martinez and Dzeko are good shouts.
  5. He's clearly tripped up. As obvious a penalty as you're likely to see.
  6. Wilshere's break out season was far more impressive than anything Henderson has done tbh.
  7. Sturridge miss gets worse with every replay.
  8. Milner the only change for the Italy game then? In for either Lallana or Welbeck I imagine.
  9. We all know how he'd react to Smalling anyway.
  10. Belgium to flop with Hazard being poor.
  11. All that I possibly can which is everyone that's on TV, though if some poor looking games are on late (11 or after) I may give them a miss depending on my tiredness level at the time.
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