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  1. Jan Oblak is available from Atheltico with a low release fee. He's ace.
  2. Check out José Luis Gayá as well if you can't get Jonathan Silva. Silva's club is being an arse for me at accepting anywhere near a reasonable rate.
  3. Not directed to me, but I signed him for £15.25m in summer transfer window before second season.
  4. I'd really recommend keeping an eye on Oblak as a keeping recommendation. Young, great stats and has a £17m release clause - cheap wages too.
  5. Yeah, I paid £3.4m in my second season...
  6. Cheers for the Southampton save! They're pretty week on depth in defence though, no chance for a rush loan/transfer before the Blackburn game for lb and rb. I'm loaning Isla and Enrique as stop gaps to cover those positions but this is going to be fun.
  7. Wage budget is all connected with transfers, so overspending in one takes it out the other. That's just a guess though - we'll see what you're response is from the bugs forum
  8. Yep, and he refused anything less than a 4 year contract for me as well (Liverpool). Still a quality signing.
  9. For legal reasons, alas. SI can't have any players under 16 in the game.
  10. Haven't seen this at all myself, upload your examples so the SI team can see it.
  11. Have you tried Gabriel Barbosa (Gabigol)? Looks like a great prospect.
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