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  1. Thanks Gunnersmoke, I negotiated another affiliation to double-check, but still no joy unfortunately.
  2. Thanks Louis, but tried with a 22 year old (Klunter), and still no joy.
  3. As mentioned previously, this has occurred during both transfer windows, but thanks anyway.
  4. I am unable to move anyone from my Hertha team to an affiliate. I set up two affiliate clubs, one in Spain and Duisburg in the 2.Bundesliga, both with the intention to send players on loan via the boardroom request. Unfortunately, I cannot send anyone to an affiliate club as it remains greyed out. This has occurred during both transfer windows. I have seen other people mention similar, but I have uploaded a screenshot of my particular situation.
  5. Japanese and German both fine, so not one of the traditional issues.
  6. I have all the facepacks, but the Dutch national team do not display even when their faces display for their club side (i.e. De Ligt displays for Ajax but not the national side). Anyone have any ideas what I need to change to get this working? Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi Knap, I have really enjoyed using this tactic except I changed the enganche, only because I did not really have one. Other than personalising a few positions, there was not much to do at all. A really good tactic, thanks for sharing.
  8. I have uploaded 2 versions of the saved game For the second one, I holidayed to get myself to a match (still couldn't read any messages), then played the match no bother but as soon as I got back to the main screen, I could not continue still. The most recent one is called Diego Liverpoolafterholidayandgame and the one before the game is entitled Diego Liverpool 5v24 Thanks again.
  9. Hi Neil Here is the two crash dumps from the same night. I will upload the saved game shortly. Thanks, Rory FM 2018 v18.3.3.1074698 (2018.06.18 19.51.31).dmp FM 2018 v18.3.3.1074698 (2018.06.18 19.45.06).dmp
  10. My game won't continue after a certain date. The date is 26th December and it briefly flashes up I have 7 messages, then it disappears with no new messages. I had this problem before and changed the skin back to its original and also verified the integrity of the game files - something worked that time. This time it told me there were 51 files which needed revalidating (I think - can't remember if it was the exact message). I revalidated the files again and it told me they were now fine. I have repeated this revalidation and skin changing this time and also deleted the caches and preferences folders and it still does the same. When it happened again earlier this evening, it also crashed. I have enclosed the crash dump screenshot in case it helps. Also, it did crash again when I was setting my game back up after and it never normally crashes so guessing that is related. I have also updated my graphics drivers. It seems the only option I have from now is to reinstall the game and see if that helps. I did 'go on holiday' before and it took me past the date only to mess up in the same way again later. Any help greatly appreciated.
  11. Does anyone have a way of stopping reserve players playing for the reserve team if I am wanting to use them for the first team (e.g. stopping them playing for the Under 23s on Wednesday if there is a cup game on the Saturday I want them to be fresh for)? The only way I can work around this is by promoting them to the first team which is ok (except I don't want them to!) and some of them moan like f if I subsequently demote them, which I want to avoid. Cheers in advance.
  12. Hi, originally I had a problem where FM always crashed, but I created a new user profile on my laptop and it runs fine with this one, so long as there are no extra graphics added. I've copied them across from the original user and then back again to stop the game from crashing Is there any way I can play the game and also have the graphics (e.g. faces and icons) displaying without the game crashing?
  13. I appreciate your efforts, just gutted, for obvious reasons. Been playing the different incarnations of this game for donkeys
  14. That isn't happening!!!! Are you sure there is no viable alternative?
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