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  1. Hi there I am currently Napoli and they are one of the biggest clubs in the world. When I try to arrange away pre-season friendlies for my Under 20 side, the suggested foreign clubs are always much smaller than the Under 20s. I appreciate Italian reserve football might not have as great a reputation as some other countries, but my reserve side has a lot of high quality players and I do not think it would be unrealistic to be able to arrange fixtures against teams of roughly the same reputation overall. As an example Ludogorets reserves are considered a larger reputation than mine. On
  2. Hi, I have had this again, but this time with some of the higher-ranked nations for the Under 20 World Cup. For example, France and Brazil have chosen greyed out players, but Jamaica (and others) have their full squads.
  3. Hi Tony, Have uploaded the file. It's called Diego Bastardo - Napoli - Before Olise Request.fm Thanks for your help, Rory
  4. I am currently managing Napoli in November 2022., and I interacted with the board to request funds to buy Michael Olise from Reading. They originally said no (I chose the option on the left), I said he would become a key player before long under my guidance, they told me they did not want to allocate funds to a manager who wasn't exactly doing well and under some pressure. I have currently won all my league matches, except for one away defeat to Lazio. I won the league last year and have just finished top of my Champions League group containing Man City. I think I was graded as a B o
  5. Hi Russell, I have uploaded the file just now. It is called Diego Bastardo - Napoli2new.fm As an example Matias Arezo now has me as favoured personnel, but holds no opinion of me. Cheers Rory
  6. Sorry Beanos36, I am having this issue. How did you fix the resolution (have my laptop on the highest resolution). Cheers.
  7. Hi, For a few of my players, I am one of their favoured personnel but the relationship section says they hold no real opinion of me. I searched to see if anyone else had posted about this, but could not find anything. Apologies if this is not the case. I have attached a screenshot of the relationship/ favoured personnel as well. Thanks, Rory
  8. Hi, I have noticed some countries have selected youth players who are greyed out (ie not in the game) rather than real players. This is in the first season. As an example, I have both the Dutch and Portuguese leagues selected (and also selected all players from the top division clubs when starting), yet both have chosen some greyed out players. There are some others from different countries as well. EDIT: I have added a screenshot of Russia's Under 21 as they have some greyed out players and have also selected 5 goalies in their squad!!! I have attached screenshots to show you what I
  9. Thanks Gunnersmoke, I negotiated another affiliation to double-check, but still no joy unfortunately.
  10. As mentioned previously, this has occurred during both transfer windows, but thanks anyway.
  11. I am unable to move anyone from my Hertha team to an affiliate. I set up two affiliate clubs, one in Spain and Duisburg in the 2.Bundesliga, both with the intention to send players on loan via the boardroom request. Unfortunately, I cannot send anyone to an affiliate club as it remains greyed out. This has occurred during both transfer windows. I have seen other people mention similar, but I have uploaded a screenshot of my particular situation.
  12. Japanese and German both fine, so not one of the traditional issues.
  13. I have all the facepacks, but the Dutch national team do not display even when their faces display for their club side (i.e. De Ligt displays for Ajax but not the national side). Anyone have any ideas what I need to change to get this working? Thanks in advance.
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