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  1. Hi Kyle, thanks for getting back to me. Not to worry, I just hope it won't pop up in FM21 as I really like doing a German save. Also, congratulations on supporting a great football club!
  2. Hi John, I don't suppose you have managed to find a solution for this problem? Thanks, Rory
  3. Thanks Francis - I have uploaded the save: Diego Bastardo - StuttgartSwiss3.fm The same thing has happened with another player in my reserves (Manuel Gracia). I think it might have something to do with them being loaned and then maybe recalled from their loan spell. Thanks again for your help, Rory
  4. I have a player at my club (a regen called Romuald Pasquier) and I am told he is on loan at Leverkusen from my Stuttgart team. I recalled him from a loan last season and he appeared as a double in my squad listing. It went back to just one version, but I keep getting messages telling me he is going to return from a loan he is not on. I can't sell him (as no-one will buy him no matter the price) or loan him to anyone else. I have included a screenshot of his contract, but any help would be appreciated.
  5. Hi, I am also having this problem. Does this mean I will have the two players on loan forever??? Also, I do not have the editor so am I just stuck with them? And sorry for jumping on your post.
  6. Thanks Gunnersmoke, I negotiated another affiliation to double-check, but still no joy unfortunately.
  7. As mentioned previously, this has occurred during both transfer windows, but thanks anyway.
  8. I am unable to move anyone from my Hertha team to an affiliate. I set up two affiliate clubs, one in Spain and Duisburg in the 2.Bundesliga, both with the intention to send players on loan via the boardroom request. Unfortunately, I cannot send anyone to an affiliate club as it remains greyed out. This has occurred during both transfer windows. I have seen other people mention similar, but I have uploaded a screenshot of my particular situation.
  9. Japanese and German both fine, so not one of the traditional issues.
  10. I have all the facepacks, but the Dutch national team do not display even when their faces display for their club side (i.e. De Ligt displays for Ajax but not the national side). Anyone have any ideas what I need to change to get this working? Thanks in advance.
  11. Hi Knap, I have really enjoyed using this tactic except I changed the enganche, only because I did not really have one. Other than personalising a few positions, there was not much to do at all. A really good tactic, thanks for sharing.
  12. I have uploaded 2 versions of the saved game For the second one, I holidayed to get myself to a match (still couldn't read any messages), then played the match no bother but as soon as I got back to the main screen, I could not continue still. The most recent one is called Diego Liverpoolafterholidayandgame and the one before the game is entitled Diego Liverpool 5v24 Thanks again.
  13. Hi Neil Here is the two crash dumps from the same night. I will upload the saved game shortly. Thanks, Rory FM 2018 v18.3.3.1074698 (2018.06.18 19.51.31).dmp FM 2018 v18.3.3.1074698 (2018.06.18 19.45.06).dmp
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