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  1. Did it occur to you that maybe the cause of you getting a corrupted save was an issue with your PC miscalculating something? I assume you don't use ECC RAM so your RAM could make a mistake while saving or loading which could corrupt the file. You say it shouldn't happen "in this day in age" but I am sure you are aware that computers crash, windows and office still have problems despite existing for years. So I think the occasional and seemingly random corrupt save is completely within "acceptable loss".
  2. for FM15 would it be possible to have an option on skins to replace player shirts with attribute polygons in tactic creator screen? With easy to see colours due to the small size of the polygons. This would make it really easy for people to judge the make up of their team and where their weaker areas may be. Where players match roles etc. The basic idea is shown here: http://gyazo.com/1db11f4d04a850e299e37f25f6945a81
  3. Place of Birth issue. You cannot choose a place of birth outside of your nationalities locations. My example: I was born in Hong Kong in 1992 when it was still under UK control. I am British, my parents are British and just happened to be living over there when I was born. I am unable to choose my place of birth as Hong Kong without choosing my primary nationality as Hong Kong (China PR). With the amount of migrants around the world these days it is entirely possible that people would be born in a different country to that of their nationality. Even if it something as simple as a "Welsh" person being born in England for example. It seems it could be solved with drop down menus in the same fashion as Favourite Team is done. Cheers SI!! BratTVN
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