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  1. FM 19 for me, with some adjustments on my tactics shows a very good gameplay, also AI side
  2. In which archive are stored the pitch textures ? Thanks
  3. If confirmed, this is a very serious issue... from what I'm reading there is not in FM 20 an ID_TEAM that separates a strong team from a weak one...they are at the same level. I can't believe the technical attributes of the players don't matter So what's the point of starting in the lower series?
  4. What a great post !! A mandatory reading that I recommend to the dev team.. Kudos to you!!
  5. This is a severe issue, not yet addressed in current beta version
  6. I'm pretty confused.. So if it wasn't for feedback, why wasn't it closed before?
  7. I agree: too many goals scored from outside the area... I would add that they are oftens scored by players with the attribute "long range shot" <=12, which makes me think that these decisions are somehow linked to some scripts put in place to overcome the engine issues.
  8. Hello there, I tried your tactics but unfortunately have not seen valuable improvements ... maybe it is a question of roles and duties that I did not set well or maybe my players are not suitable for your tactics (your screenshot may help and would be really appreciated) For now I remain of my opinion that the effectiveness of the counter attack style has been decreased in the current version I see movements of the players not consistent and suitable with this gameplay style, unlike version 19.5 (I keep both versions just for extensive testing and comparing) I hope to be denied Thanks for helping Greetings
  9. Thanks from tip..but Counter option has already been selected, of course Can you please post your tactics? Greetings
  10. Hello there, This, I like this.. a counter attack gameplay (direct pass) by my Norwich Hard to play/set up with current version because counter attack style has been sadly heavily tuned down Greetings
  11. Same here.... With the previuos version it was more balanced: Matches 38 71 (scored) 47 (Norwich Premier Division)
  12. I'm sorry, but I've already given my feedback, here, saying that in my opinion he beautiful gameplay style like counter-direct attack has been now heavily tuned down, ruining my preferred experience.. No need to talk againg about it yet because is useless: it does not deal with a bug, but with a precise design choice of the dev team to find an acceptable balance... Some people like the new ME, I don't. That's all Greetings
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