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  1. Hi All. Can anybody advise what is the relationship between things like database size, number of active/background leagues, game performance and youth development? I had generally always thought it was better to load as many leagues as possible as active leagues to facilitate proper youth development in those leagues. This was based on experiences with older versions where players in non-active leagues didn't seem to develop as well as those in active leagues. Obviously, this had an impact on performance, so for some leagues, I included on a background basis only to try and strike a balance. I also play with a large DB to try and make sure as many unknown bargain players will be included as possible. Still, even with a large DB and running leagues in background mode, many bargains recommended here from those background leagues aren't always included. Now I am wondering if this still as much of an issue, or will players in non-active leagues develop at a normal level? Could I get better performance and game speed if I was to only run two or three core leagues, and then set the DB to large and include use the advanced options to include all players from additional countries or regions to give myself as a large a database as possible without sacrificing game performance or youth development?
  2. HI Does anybody know if its possible to extract individual players or other items from an editor file? I downloaded a custom legends database, but theres too many legends in the file to make the game rewarding. So i wanted to extract the top 200 or so players from the file into a new file. Is this possible? Thanks
  3. Well i would swap him with Layvin Kurzawa who you have now put back at Monaco if you can't find a better legend. Kurzawa is at PSG now and has at least made some appearances for them so is a better fit than Evra who never made it as a senior at PSG. Also, you might want to look at upping the potential of Antognoni and Cervato at Fiorentina. Both are regarded as some of the best ever italians in their position but are both at 175 PA.
  4. Cool. Certainly the lesser of two evils then. BTW - just spotted that Patrice Evra is at PSG, but he never played there as far as I know. Should be Monaco.
  5. Can i ask what you did to Fiorentina, and why? They seem to be set up as a different club then on the normal DB, with the original one deleted. So all of the players who had been with Fiorentina have a blank in their playing history with just the old fiorentina showing. Was there a specific reasons?
  6. I know we had this debate in 2014 and in know you believe in the system you have its your DB and with the work youve done it's definitely your call to make without knowing your system, I still have to disagree with this. Regardless of how you've coded it, mathematically or otherwise, it's still ultimately a highly subjective call on what a players ability is - and no matter how you do it people will have differing views. Personally though I do think that there might be an element of over romanticisation here. Ivan Campo's stats put him at world class level - but he was never that. You say he didn't have the luck to be at the right place at the right time - but he was. He was at Real Madrid, but wasn't good enough to establish himself. As you say, 180 is a good international player - he wasn't that though as he only 4 caps testify to. His present stats suggest one of the best defenders of his era - but I have never seen anybody credibly claim that. You can't compare him to Shearer - not only did he actually perform to an exceptional lever, the only reason he never made it to a "big" club is because he didn't want (though his move to then money bags Blackburn was hardly small time). It's well documented that Ferguson tried to sign him but got knocked back repeatedly. Equally with Friday - he started off with big clubs but for whatever reason he couldn't make it there. He had the chance to prove himself but couldn't take it - whether that was due to attitude or ability I can't tell. You our can argue he was capable of plying international football but we have know way of knowing if he could have replicated his Div 4 or 3 form there. It's one thing to impress in the lower leagues playing with relatively weak defenders and make things look easy - it's another to do it when faced with elite defenders. When I raised Pippo Inzaghi, I wasn't saying he needed a bump - because I think 180 suits him. He was a legendary player - but he wasn't an all round player. He was a phenomenal goal scorer and penalty box player, and did a few things to the very highest level - but was otherwise limited. But it one thing about Inzaghi is that we know he was tested at the very highest levels and passes with flying colours. It's ine thing to do it against a Division 4 defence - it's another to do it against the likes of the very best defences in what was then an extremely competitive Italian league with notorious defensive talents. It's harder to score 10 goals in the premiership than it is to score 20 in Division 4, so just because he did it in the alter division doesn't mean he could have done it in the latter. The ste up is huge - ask Jamie Vardy. It took him time to adjust to the step ups in his career and his first season in the premiership was prett meh. So if Friday was to thrive in the premiership or at international level he would have needed to step up his game - to learn how to compete against better, stronger, more disciplined and tactically aware defenders - and do so on a one of basis. What he did in Division 3 wasn't good enough for division one (as it was then). Perhaps he could have made the step up - but performing at that lower level isn't sufficient to say he was as good as top level internationals and European players. If if you had given him a lower CA and the potential to get to the top, I would agree as it would be acknowleding that he was an unfulfilled talent with the potential to reach the top. Of course to realistically reflect him, he mental attributes would mean he would likely never reach that (much like the way Ravel Morrison never turns good in FM despite his potential).
  7. I know you have your own way of looking at these things, but are some of the U.K. Based players not a little over powered? E.g. Ivan Campo has 180 CA/PA and 20 for passing? He was a good player for Bolton - but he still wasn't one of the top players in the league at that time. And he was mainly a squad player at Madrid, with only 4 caps for Spain (at a time when they weren't as strong as they have been in recent years). Robin Friday had the same CA and PA as Pippo Inzaghi. While Friday might have been an very talented player, he was uncapped and played at 4th, 3rd and second division levels and even then his record comes nothing close to Inzaghi's (league, continental and international titles). I realsie inzaghi wasnt wasn't an around player so his stats can only go so high, and not arguing he should be higher. Rather that a player untested at the highest levels and without an international recognition shouldn't be so high. Perhaps a lower CA with a high PA to reflect his wasted potential.
  8. Fair play. Looks great. One question - how did you get it to select teams which hadn't qualified for other European competitions? I am sure it's something obvious, but I tried to set up a new international competition structure with a secondary competition previously but couldn't get the team to select the qualifiers correctly. Rather than putting the top two teams into the first cup and the next highest finishing two teams into the second etc, it just picked the top two teams for both cups.
  9. Love the daily updates the last few days. Nice to see a new team popping up. One other bug I noticed was Edin Dzeko is back at Wolfsburg but his future transfer to Roma remains in place. Wolfsburg could definitely use him more than Roma! The DB is understandably geared towards England but will be good to see the additional European teams done. Should make the DB more balanced and make the continental competitions more interesting.
  10. Just some further feedback on the latest update: Steve Clarke is listed as the manager of Valencia - should be Paco Ayesteran (or Rafa Benetiz or Hector Cuper possibly) Manuel Pablo from Deportivo has had his age reduced but is still set to retire at the end of the season. His stats could probably go up a bit too to reflect his prime. David Albelda of Valencia has had his age reduced to 26 but is still listed as a non-player. If I spot anything else will let you know.
  11. Well my plan was to try and do updated squads for some of the Spanish teams, as they are a bit under represented outside of the big two. The plan was to do at least the following: Deportivo Valencia Atletico Madrid Sevilla Athletic Club i know you have some players covered here, but not complete squads. I had planned on managing Spain but wanted to fill it out with legends a bit more to make it more competitive. I realise that's not exactly a small task or something you can do too quickly.
  12. Ok this is getting infuriating. I started again working off the update you posted last night checked Pele and Garay on your DB and both have their correct positions set. i started creating my own players again being careful to make sure I had positions set, going back every now and then to double check them after a while. All good. loaded a game after a while and noticed the same thing was happening (again to Pele, Garay and maybe 150-300 others) - but worse I noticed their attributes had been corrupted as well (it had happened on the first attempt I did as well but hadn't noticed). For whatever reason their current ability is either being raised or lowered so the game has to make adjustments when loading a game. E.g. Garay had his CA lowered so his mental were destroyed when the game loads, Pele had his CA raised to 220 which also meant he didn't load right as the game had to bring him back down to 200). These changes don't show on the editor unless I reload the DB. I looked back through the working saves I had made and the stat corruption seems to get progressively worse as I go. Anybody any any ideas what's happening?
  13. When you say "enter the natural position first", do you mean immediately once it has been created and before putting in any other stats such as name? In all cases I have put in the natural position as 20 - but usually after having done the general person details. Also, this has showed up with some of our players like pele who now has CB as a natural position in addition to his attacking roles. I checked the DB though and he still has zero there. I have also seen the reverse pop in one of your players (Jesus Garay) who should be a cb but has striker listed. I believe this is only happening on my DB (having added in my own players). I didn't notice it until i started adding players myself.
  14. I have been adding some players to the DB myself (though admittedly not at the same level of detail as you have). When i start a game with my own updated DB however, i have noticed that some of the created players appear with CB set as a natural position, even though they have this set at 0 in the editor. This affects both the players i created and Fenech so i don't believe it should be with how i have created the players i have added. Anybody know why this is happening?
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