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  1. Take a look and see what their squad status is set to on the contract offer, try setting it to key player or whatever the term is, that should allow you to offer them more money - failing that I wouldn't know what else to suggest.
  2. A long list of expletives to ask them why the **** they are losing at home to bottom of the league.
  3. So, having recently found out that one of youth players has a very high PA, why are my scouts telling me that they reckon he has 3.5/4 star potential?
  4. I rage quit the other day when using a tactic that had seen me lose 2-1 to Arsenal, win 2-1 against Man City and win 3-1 against Sunderland, I then went on to lose 6-3 at home to Southampton as Liverpool.
  5. I try to keep my responses as true to my character as possible. I tend to instruct my team to try and hurt Manchester United, I will also never buy players who I dislike even if they are great footballers.
  6. Great post YKW, some really useful information in there.
  7. I would definitely recommend it, such a great game in my opinion. Last FM I played is 12 and I think I enjoy this one more than I did FM12. I bought the hard copy as my internet has been pretty poor for the last couple of weeks and there is a HMV two minutes from my workplace. I think it was cheaper than downloading it from Steam as well at £29.99 (I may be wrong, just off the top of my head seem to remember seeing it for £35ish on Steam).
  8. I have just changed it so that I am in control of the outgoing transfers for youth players and had a few requests for Andre Wisdom and I am still unable to accept any of these.. I'm not going to anyway but that's not the point
  9. Basically I have had this for Luis Alberto and Tiago Ilori as well, I can't accept any loan offers. Now I know that Alberto and Ilori only signed this summer, but I'm sure Flanagan has been around at Liverpool for a while, so why can't I accept any offers for him? Unfortunately it isn't letting me upload the screenshot but I'm just curious as to why this may be. FM14 by the way.
  10. I was going to suggest Wolves but someone beat me to it. Birmingham City are another option.
  11. Well I work two jobs (coz I'm an apprentice living on my own in London) and work about 70 hours a week in total.. so I will book the day off my day job and tell them that I'm not working the 31st at the pub so I can have a little time to indulge.. only day I get off normally is Saturday and that's because I play football on a Saturday and still sometimes have to work the evenings! So I think I deserve a little time off to do something I enjoy.
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