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  1. Excellent, thank you. I'd looked everywhere but there
  2. Absolutely loving the new game as I'm sure the majority of people are. The only thing I'm really struggling with is finding where on a players profile the ability to learn and unlearn PPM's is. Can someone help with that please?
  3. I've been having a real problem with attacking corners on my current Real Mallorca save. I set up similar to I always do with people attacking far/near post, challenging keeper etc. I alter them slightly depending on the side as well. I will also always have a man attacking from deep and someone lurking outside the area. And this is the problem man. No matter what I tell the corner taker to do he will always hit it straight to the man at the edge of the box. He then takes a long shot and the attack is over. I've tried messing around with everything else but to no avail. I don't want to get rid of this man because I want him as a back up if the ball breaks out but not as a first option everytime. So I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem and what to do about it or if it is just a glitch.
  4. I know that lots of people have posted this same post many, many times before but I need somewhere to vent my frustration after the pile of rubbish that I have just witnessed during my latest FM session. I have been using Rashidi's 4312 with a few alterations. Playing as Sunderland, my first season was ok, some good, some bad but scraped to 8th despite Defoe being out for a long while. So I spend money in the summer and improve the squad whilst always following advice from here and Rashidi (look at PPMs, player must have good first touch, determination, work rate etc). I end up with a squad with which I am happy and think maybe Europa League spot may be on the cards. I lose my first 3 but persist since I had a lot of new players and was waiting for them to blend. Then I go on a 15 unbeaten match in all comps, dominating possession, creating chances etc. All this while I am altering mentality (risk barometer) and shape as well as switching around some roles depending on opposition. And then it hits. The same exact pattern as always ; -Losing a couple of games in which you play really well -Losing a couple of games in which you play ok -Losing a couple of games in which you play rubbish And then by that point the slump is well and truly on. This couple with the fact that ridiculous deflected goals, simply misplaced passses and defensive lapses occur on a stupidly regular basis. I've been through this dreaded phase so many times but this time round I thought I was so much better prepared having watched virtually all of Rashidis videos and foolishly thinking that I understood the game. Regardless of changes I made just simply couldn't get a result other than a couple of hard earned draws. And then in the games that I did play well my strikers became completely inept and seem to need a truckload of chances as opposed to the AI who just score on cue. Not to mention that constant wasting of position by smashing it from miles out despite work ball into box being on and there being passing options. Brighton being the prime example; 70% possession, 30 shots, 15 on target, 3ccc's and 7hlfc's = 1-0 defeat to the bottom team at home. Which leads to a grand total of 2 points from 9 games in the league and I'm now highly unlikely to reach the first seasons points total despite having a better squad and 'theoretically' a better knowledge of the game. Sorry to drag on but I needed an outlet and I really, really want to enjoy this game but it makes it so dam hard sometimes most of the time.
  5. Thanks for the help guys. Ive just got to work but I'll sit down when I get in and write out a full reply. I'm determined to get some success one way or another.
  6. This year I started the beta as Inter and managed to win the league by 10 points despite a late stumble. I did this using a 4-1-2-2-1 wide and was comfortable throughout the season but didn't dominate teams like I thought I would and CCC's were not overly common. However overall I was pretty happy and wanted to take that knowledge plus what I learnt in FM16 into my main save this year as Real Mallorca. Unfortunately despite reading numerous threads/guides and watching Rashidis you tube series I just don't seem to be able to produce anything other than stale boring football that leads to a ridiculous amount of 1-1 draws, generally me taking the lead as well. I started using a 4-4-1-1 and watching key highlights but began watching extended/comprehensive to see what I could spot. Unfortunately most of what I spotted was players not doing what I wanted i.e. shooting from miles out when work ball into box is on or smashing it downfield when play out of defence is on. Somethings I did spot such as striker being isolated, so I changed him to DLF(s) and it had little to no impact. My left FB(a) was meant to make runs past my WM(s) who had sit narrower on to give him space but he made hardly any runs. I have thought about my tactic like Rashidi said and so the WM was meant to come infield to cover the space that my CM(d) had left as he dropped back and covered the defence + space left by the full back. I also messed around with shape and mentality when I thought it was appropriate based off what the AI was doing but it was more guesswork than knowledge, again based off what Rashidi had said in his videos. Players dwelling on the ball for no apparent reason is another common occurrence (not PPM related) and it just leads to a stodgy performance against all opposition where I end up grinding out a goal from a corner or an AI mistake. A change to 4-1-4-1 didn't make much difference and I still see the AI stroking it around nicely when playing 4-4-2 against my formation which should be able to handle it, especially when that team are down the bottom. I haven't got the best players but they're decent enough and I always pride myself on being able to maximise potential and finish higher than predicted which is 12th so I am aiming for at least the play offs. Frustratingly I seem to be getting exactly the same kinds of results and performances as I did when I was only watching key and I'm seriously running out of ideas. Is this down to tactical familiarity because Rashidi seems to change tactics/shape/mentality on the fly and it seems to have minimal impact on results. Any help would be much appreciated. (Sorry for continual mentions of Rashidi but his videos are what I'm basing my targets off and I really would love to be able to achieve that level of consistency)
  7. Ah that may be it. Do I then need to assign him to scout next team or will it automatically change the reports?
  8. Since I started a new game as Real Mallorca after the full release of the game my scouting reports seem to have gone back to basics. Whereas in the beta it was coming up with the teams last few match, ones to watch, manager style preferences etc, no I just get the bog standard team report with no other information. Is this a bug or is this something else I can request from my scout?
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