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  1. I mentioned "you would infer it by observing palyer performance in matches and TRAINING". Of course you could nota rely solely on animations but I also said that some attributes should have a rating, not specifically a number. And this should happen mainly with technical attributes. Imagine that you start managing a team and after some trainings you are given an idea of the player hability in PASSING (ex: acceptable) and then you would refine your knowledge based on what you watch on matches. I agree that some managers get to know some players very well but that is based on observation rather than all the info being handed to them AND it takes time, I mean, it's not instantaneous. (ex: if a player trains penaltys but never gets to take a penalty in match, how would the manager know if he's capable of handling pressure?) And I'm not requesting that they make it like this, I'm only mentioning why I think the game becomes easy and some ideas to make it less easy. Of course I would like it to be something like this but other players surely wouldn't like it.
  2. First of all, I wish to apologise for my bad english (if it's the case). Second, a little background: I always loved football simulation games and have been playing since the first installment of Championship manager (EIDOS) back in 1992 untill now. (Yes, for those of you who don't know, Footbal Manager could be considered to have its roots in CM...but let's leave that for another discussion. Sure I haven't played every single FM (maybe I played 2004 but not 2005; maybe I played 2007 but not 2008 and so on). The last one I played in the PC was the 14 (I think) and I played FM18 and FM19 touch. So, as what I am about to say is based mainly in my experience with FM19, I will be also basing my opinion in my past experiences. Along the way there were versions and features I enjoyed more than others (I can't be sure of wich but try to remember as I write). Ok, so... I find FM19 easy. So easy it took my joy of playing it. Not going to brag with streaks and achievments. But why is it easy? Because we're humans playing against a machine and because we have WAYYYY TOOOOO MUUUCCCCHHHHH INFORMATION and, worse, we know what to do with it and, even worse, WE HAVE TOOLS TO USE IT! Have you ever imagined? - a real life manager thinking "well, I think I will play X as a striker because he's 17 finishing, 18 composture, 17 strength and 20 jumping reach". - talking to a player and telling him "look, you will play as a Deep Lying Playmaker with a support duty" and then, mid match after going one goal ahead, shouting "Hey, now change to a Ball Winning Midfielder with a defend duty"...and then, because the other them managed to score "hey, now play as an Advanced Playmaker with attacking duty!"...and I'm not even talking about player instructions because it would just be hilarious to see Mourinho calling it's players to the touch line one by one and shouting "hey right full back! Make forward runs and take more risks!", "hey right winger! Dribble more and cross more often!", "Hey left winger, as you only have 12 in dribbling don't dribble like your mate but cross more often!"," Hey, ball winning midfielder! Play as a deep lying playmaker, roaming from your position, with more direct passing and taking more risks!"...well, of course something like this happens...BUT NOT LIKE THIS! That's why TEAMS HAVE TRAINING SESSIONS! Of course that if we prepare our tacticts before the match, that's realistic...but because you're loosing and your tactics doesn't seem to work...in real life you can't tell the referee to pause the game so you can tweak your player instructions one by one to make the team play completely different with a brand new tactic, shape and system just because it occurred to you mid match. - a manager deciding to sign a player he has never met based on the players' personality? If he never met him, how can he know his personality!?! Well, of course there are reports and some rough information about the player (ex: "well, this player seems to be somewhat problematic regarding situations in their past clubs") but never "look at this player with a professional personality and a 18 in Determination...hummm, let's sign him!". Ok...maybe I'm being too strict but EVEN if a manager could know to 100% what a palyer personality is, in real life personalities clash depending on the persons interacting! Maybe a player is a good professional but, after working for some time with a manager, their personalities just don't match. You could argue that this happens in FM but you can control it unrealistically. - "Oh, who's this? A 17 year old that lives 300 kms away from my Vanarama South team? Hum...let's propose a trial so I can know all about him the minute he shows at the club"...because this is what happens in game...and it sure wouldn't happen in real life! Immediately after he joins the club for trial your assistant tells you all there is to know about him...and would he even accept a trial proposition so far away? Also, would you even know that the player existed? (mind you I'm basing this on FMT, don't know for sure if it happens in PC version...in past versions it did). And there is a lot more info and tools that in real life don't exist and a manager would have to infer from observation (that's what makes the difference in a manager)...but on FM you can get with a click (ex: player evolution in training: in real life you would have a broad idea of how a player is performing but in FM you know that is PASSING increased from 10 to 11...) For example, one thing I sure miss from CM is the ability to choose your own personality at the beggining of the game. It would greatly affect the game because players would like or dislike you based on their and yours personality. Also, I think attributes shouldn't exist (I know there's a mod that hides them). For me, it would be better if some attributes, that are noticeable as soon as you see the person, where known (ex: height, weight, strength more or less), others would become known (not specifically) with the time you spend with the player (ex: you start knowing that a player is fast or not, if he shoots well or not, if he jumps high or not) but not with a specific number (ex: passing - bad, acceptable, good, superb) and others were never know but you would infer it by observing palyer performance in matches and training. Also, scouts and assistants would help but not with an overwhelming knowledge. I think that player personality and traits should work the same way, being know only with time (ex: more notifications about player behaviour off field, press conferences, relations with colleagues). Maybe it would make you play FM taking A LOT of notes but the game would definitely be more challenging and real. Some tweaks in the tactics shouldn't be allowed after the match starts (unless you have trained them). No more tweaking every single player instruction one by one because you conceded (actually, I don't do this but I read some posts where people do it). There is also a feature that maybe would be easy to include in FM that seems a minor change but would GREATLY affect gameplay: sending your players to warm up before substitution. Seems a minor change but if injuries and player performance were affected by not having your players warmed before making them enter a match as a sub, you would have to plan ahead what Will be your course of action in-match. No more "let's play and see what happens" because you would have to pay attention at how the match and players are developing and have a plan rather than choosing only when something significant happens. Sometimes when I play the game I have other ideas on how I would change some particular feature in FM but now I only remembered those.
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