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  1. I'd like to be able to select kits during a game. The system that prevents kit colours clashing is great most of the time, but there are always edge cases. On those occasions it would be nice to have a manual override.
  2. That all makes sense. Hypothetical extreme example, I have Cannavaro and Mariappa at centre-back, and I'm playing against Crouch and Fellaini up front. Would my best option be to just to have my full-backs and wingers marking tightly and closing down aggressively? I just have everything default for defending corners.
  3. I think with the Defensive mentality you end up with a lot of possession because your players will generally choose the safest option, which is just to pass it around inside their own half. You might need to use the Route One option to make them just thump the ball down the other end of the pitch at every opportunity. I want to see how this one works out, I really like the idea of a team that simply refuses to play football.
  4. Even if my team is a set up as a fairly straight-forward 4-4-1-1, I find I still concede an uncomfortable number of goals from simple crosses from the wing on to a head. Ideally the advice isn't just, 'Have taller players than the other guy', since this isn't the most practical solution. I also concede mostly from corners, so I suspect it is the same issue.
  5. I once had a 210cm Chinese centre forward. He was rubbish. I just played him anyway because I thought it was funny to have a player build like a wrestler in my team.
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