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  1. No, that is not true. If that was the case then it would have been in effect from day 1 and then 100% of the time from there on out. But that is not the case. Sometimes it happens to me and sometimes it doesn't. So, it is obviously not something FM programmed into the game, and obviously something with our Macs not allowing certain background programs to run. But then, sometimes it does. For example, I may holliday inbetween games. it may be like 2 weeks until my next match, so I holiday and then maximize my browser so that it pops infront of the game. I then surf the net, like check out these forums. I will then check back a few mins later and it will have advanced to my next match. BUT, sometimes I will go back after a few mins and it never went anywhere, still stuck on the moment I hollidayed. It is frustrating. But I don't believe it is something SI did or else it would be doing 100% of the time rather than just sometimes.
  2. Don't completely rely on just the stars. I have a youngster who is 100% scouted by some very good scouts (CA 18-19, PA 18-19) and his potential is 1.5 stars with the other half black. So a max of 2 stars. But his PA is 152. I have another youngster who has a PA of 159 and is 4 stars with an added .5 in black.
  3. It is true. They are there if you set them, and they are applied. What confuses a lot of people is that the default pre game OI screen is not the screen that shows your actual set OIs. It is a screen that shows the assistant's OIs if you ask him to do so. But, it shows blank to begin with. You can toggle between two screens: "Show Players" and "Show Positions". I forgot specifically which one is the default one. I believe it is the "Show Positions" view. So, all you do is click the other view and it will show the pre set OIs that you set in the tactics menu.
  4. fmf is what SI uses now. If you created a tactic and then saved it, it will save it as a fmf file. So, yes, fmf files and not tac files should be in your folder. The only time a tac file is going to show up is if you DL'd one from the net or you converted the fmf to tac yourself.
  5. There is no way we can possibly do that. They are already listed for you in the game. Sort them by CA and PA and sign the ones with the highest in those two.
  6. Scouts and Coaches have nothing to do with scouting range. It is not like with players. Every loaded scout and coach shows up. Due to the league you are in, and since by default your filter filters out unrealistic transfers, only lower quality coaches/scouts are willing to join your team.
  7. It does that. It is a bug. Sometimes it will tell me how many scouts I have and can sign, sometimes it doesn't.
  8. Ya I get what you are saying. Mine hasn't been too bad. I am Liverpool, halfway through the first season. 1st in the league. Three of my players have complained, even my 1 star backup goalkeeper. The only thing that irritated me was that around november, Sterling wanted a new contract. I must have missed it by a week or two, and my entire squad became unhappy stating that sterling deserves a new contract. So I quickly and signed him a new contract, but it took over a month for the contract extension to go through. So for nearly 1.5 months my entire squad was mad at me.
  9. I have a question, what personality attributes to look for when looking for a guy to sign to the bench and make an appearance here and their to cover the resting of some starters?
  10. You must not have searched the site. There is a very popular thread in the Editor Download section. It is at the very top of the page at this moment.
  11. Intel Core i7 1.7ghz 8 gb 1600 MHz DDR3 Intel HD Graphics 5000 1536 MB I forgot the exact, but not too far of from having every European Nation loaded. Didn't load up Russia or most the their bordering coutries. Loaded up everything else. All of UK, Scandanavia, Spain, Germany, belgium, greece, etc. So, about 75,000 players loaded. It is of course not as fast as when I only have a couple leagues loaded, but it still runs smoothly with no issues. My Performance rating is still at 5 star and my speed is at 1.5
  12. Pet hates? Never heard of that saying before. I am guessing it is the same as "Pet Peeves"?
  13. That is probably your problem. Handle it yourself. Spread them out and periodically ask the board to increase the amount of scouts.
  14. It surely can be right. Your scouts have ratings too. The star ratings they give you is from what they percieve the player to be based on how in depth they have scouted the player and based on their own Judging PA/CA abilities. Scouts aren't going to be right all the time, just like real life.
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