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  1. Just finished season 3 and had a good season. Won the premier league and FA Cup, I did however lose to Barcelona in the Champions League semi-finals (I was gutted with this one, as we drew the away leg 1-1 and then at home we lost 2-0 which really upset me). A couple of things, Dybala has been AMAZING! By far the creative juice in my team. Origi has come of himself and become a goal scoring machine, scored 30 goals for the season. I signed Rugani in defense with Van Dijk and they have formed a formidable partnership. Onto the next season!
  2. That should be enough. I got Dybala in my 3rd season for 88mil haha
  3. If then, I would have a go for Dybala. He has been a machine for me at an CAM.
  4. I would strengthen the defense and add an attacker! De ligt and dolberg are cheap additions. My first season I added van Dijk, Maia and Kimmich. (I didn't win the league because I didn't have an out and out striker). With regards to tactics, there has been a lot of debate on he 4-2-3-1, it would just depend on what you tell your team to do.
  5. Onto my third season, and starting off strong. I sold Matip for 40mil, Can for 38mil, Ox for 15mil. Brought in Dyabala for 88mil, Rugani for 34mil, Diawarra 34mil, Camacho for 27,5mil. I needed depth so bought. So far I am 4 games in (unbeaten), Champions league (Toughest EVER group). But I did lose in the community shield to West ham
  6. Let me know how you get a long with the deeper defense line. I changed my tactic to a high tempo tactic which will crush my players, but so far I have not lost in 3 since using it (1 of the matches i drew with City)
  7. Top it all off, I just got smoked by Chelsea 4-1
  8. and then I get this nonsense, I do so well leading up to this game and then they can't score at all.
  9. I'll see if that works going into the next game. I just got decimated by Utd in the last match
  10. I have coutinho on the left with Salah/Mane on the right.
  11. I am using a tactic similar to Klopp with 2 wide, one F9 a BWM and B2B midfielders and a half back. So far it crushes, but has trouble with teams with 5 at the back. So I need to figure out how to go around it.
  12. 1st season for me started so well, went clear at the top by 9 points and then hit a mid seasons slump where City came out and won the league, made the final of the champs league but lost to United! Onto the 2nd season with Keita coming in. However, I have PSG, Madrid and Barcelona fighting for Lovren, Matip and Can. All bidding around 65-70 mil Firmino has been a beast for me in my tactic, and I rotate Salah and Mane around
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