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  1. I had a save where 8 different English teams won the Europa in a 10-year period (one of them winning it twice), which was fun.
  2. Europa league teams do Thursday/Sunday. That's no different to Wed/Sat. Earlier this season in real life City played Lyon on Wednesday, then a PL game on Saturday. It's not a bug.
  3. Even then, with Fulham I managed a 0-0 draw at the Etihad and the press treated it as a poor result for me. Pre-season preview had City 1st and us somewhere in the lower mid-table area.
  4. I am curious that the assistant suggests you should stop training them in that new position once they're as good as they'll ever be in it. Will they not then lose familiarity with the role if you stop training them or can a player's ability in a new position not be lost once it's gained?
  5. Yeah, I did it too. It does happen sometimes. Though I've just noticed. They had 26 shots, with 11 on target and 11 off target. How does that work?
  6. Since I voted that it felt "about right", I've got 7 draws and 3 losses from 10 games, so I'm feeling I should have put "a bit hard".
  7. Yeah, I went "about right". So far it's felt about how I've expected, challenging but rewarding. But then I'm not managing a big club.
  8. Why not? There's no law to say you have to coach the team you support. But if you really want to, try coaching Liverpool with no badges or reputation. That'll make it harder for you.
  9. My number of goals from through balls and from crosses were virtually identical in my first season at Fulham.
  10. In five seasons in my game (and I haven't managed in England in that time, btw) they've won two Europa Leagues and a Carabao Cup and that's it. Jose still there, though, weirdly.
  11. "Had a debut to remember". Yeah, sounds like a real corker...
  12. I was 2-0 down after 40 minutes in the World Cup final with France against Brazil and came back to win 3-2. I was quite proud that I didn't panic, since we were playing well in spite of the two goals, and trusted the system I was using.
  13. Man Utd haven't won the league or the Champions League in three seasons in my game. They did win the Europa league, but even then that was because they somehow came 3rd in their CL group.
  14. On mine Conte's Chelsea have just won their third league title in a row (fourth if you count the 16/17 season).
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