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  1. Why are you guys "always" mocking or rediculating people's issues in stead of actually trying to help/solve the problems people come up with in here? Who says the description he gives of through balls and nice finishes in stead of ping-pong football makes it a fairy tale? I see beautiful goals every weekend on TV, so in stead of being a smart ass, try to give the man some feedback, and if you cant, then better just shut it IMO!
  2. Make fun all you want, the fact is that i experience what i experience, and feel its quite strange, not necessarily a bug, but i do find it odd that i never had this problem before on any earlier versions (been playing since CM Italia). You speak about selective memory and bring up statistics from the real world, which is fair enough, but if that is your explanation and conclusion to my problem in FM14, are all the previous versions of the game then the unrealistic ones (as i never had such a problem before which you are telling me now should be perfectly normal)? And why wouldnt my "selective memory" not adress this kind of issue earlier? It has nothing to do with that at all, i would not bring up such a issue if it really wasnt a issue. It's not hard to remember exactly happened, when the same thing goes on for 4 games in a row, matches being turned around from 1-0 to 1-2 or 2-0 to 2-2 in matter of minutes in the dying phases of the games. It's not like there are other goals to confuse with, as most opponents equalize, coming back from having 0 goals. The bottom line is that my gaming experience is a lot worse than from last year where i really was enjoying the game more than ever, and being beaten 1-2 in the last 10 minutes from being ahead 1-0 in like 3-4 games in a row, always knowing what will happen in every game, kind of kills this for me. Since posting yesterday, i have been trying even more tweeks and tactics, and basically i experience the same thing. I respect a loss, even being last in the table, its not about that. For me it needs to feel realistic, happen in a natural way, not out of nowhere, from a team that didnt set a foot right for almost a whole game, against countless of different tactics, over and over again! I just dont get why this never was a issue before, and find the fun of it missing, when you just know what is going to happen in almost every game. Bug or not, i simply cant find a way around this so i am back to FM13 for now.
  3. Hello guys. I am looking for a type of in-match screen-mod that provides me with as much info as i can get regarding the ongoing match, to be better suited and react whenever i see the AI changes its tactics or mentality, which subs they make, in which parts of the pitch most of the game is taking place, who has more possession where and so on - all in one! I know that all these data can be found by switching through different screens in a match, but i would love to have them all in one setup for me to monitor in between highlights, so i dont have to click back and forth all the time. Does this mod exist yet? By the way, how do you guys monitor your matches, do you click around the different info-screens all the time, do you only analyze through the 3D engine, or what do you do in order to have the best grip on a game, being able to react more efficiently to AI changes and style of play? Let me hear from you ! Thanks.
  4. Please make sure who wrote which post before you fire away at me... I didnt call anybody an idiot, but must say i follow tieio in what he writes. I never ever had a concistent problem with letting in late goals, like i have now all of a sudden in FM14. This is exactly why i find it so strange, especially with 3 different clubs, using totally different setups and tactics.
  5. Okay thanks for the tips, will try to tweek some more, but for now nothing has been working.
  6. Yes: http://i.imgur.com/XVC9Qt1.png This is maybe not the best example, but my recent one. I will post a couple more as soon as i have them.
  7. No i normally try to bring on 1 or 2 fresh-legged defenders, to avoid tiredness (as SurferJames is mentioning). Literally i've tried everything regards in-match changes, and end up with the same result. It's so annoying, kills the fun in the game totally for me!
  8. I must say i am shocked after playing FM14 for a couple of days now. The amount of late goals by the AI is nothing short of rediculous! With 3 different teams now, having very different squads, some with very high concentration stats in general, playing in different leagues (danish, polish and english) i find myself predicting almost every game, leading by one or two, having full control of the game, just knowing what will happen as soon as the 70-75 minute mark is passed. Yes exactly, 2 or 3 goals from the opponent, all of a sudden they go from playing like a bunch of amateurs to firing 2 goals in, in 5-10 minutes from nothing. Despite of containing the game, dropping deeper, narrower, bringing in more defenders, closing better down, nothing will work. This is just one big joke from SI, what a shame to ruin such a beautiful game. Already looking forward to FM15, unless it will be just as sad. Back to FM13, please SI, do better next time!
  9. OK i found out, the config file is case sentitive, and all my files in the Europe and North America folder was with capitol letters while they were all in small letters in the config/coding part which didnt make them load. Thanks anyway! :-)
  10. OK it is only North American and European national kits this problem seems to affect. Africa, Oceania, South America and so on works fine?! This is weird...Anyone?
  11. Hi guys. I am having problems with my national kits now showing in my FM14 game, they are the same i used in FM13 which i suppose shouldnt cause any problems as they ID's for national teams are the same as far i as i can see. All club kits, logos, faces, hairstyles is showing, just not the national kits. Anybody experienced this and know the solution? Please see: http://www.freeimagehosting.net/newuploads/un1kc.jpg Thank you in advance.
  12. Hello guys. I have a simple question: How will my "Sports Interactive" folder in My Documents be affected if i install FM14 while still keeping my FM13 game on my hard drive. I suppose FM14 as earlier years, creates/needs the same folder in My Documents, and wonder if any data from my FM13 (savegames, graphics, general settings) will be overwritten meaning lots of FM13 playing hours will go directly down the drain, or the other way around making FM14 not run probably? I know i could just take a backup copy of the whole SI folder, but it takes hours and hours because of the amount of faces, kits and so on i have in there. Please let me hear from some of my fellow FM gamers with a little experience regarding this matter :-). Thank you in advance.
  13. No i didn't. As said only changes: Promoted some youth players from the U20 Bought a good goalkeeper (4 stars, good stats) - plus a worldclass midfielder (Nicolas Ore) but that was already in the summer transfer window Won CL 1st knockout round Sold a couple of 3 star players
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