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  1. Im bloody well aware what a crash dump is you muppets!! perhaps you could actually test this game before u release it!! or better yet, dont bother making another one!! and as usual wen someone slags the game off u just ****ing close the thread! shower of useless ****ing arseholes!!!!!!
  2. I am sick to death of crash dumps and all the other crap that goes along with this game!!! how many times am i going to lose a save coz of a fecking crash dumps!!!! sort this garbage out or give people their money back!! what a joke!
  3. I have to agree with Dedinho on this one, after last night, im never playing again, the game is far too ridiculous, with mistakes, players not listening to instructions and frankly ludicrous player mistakes. Im well aware this should not be a plug and play game but i would wager that Sir Alex himself would give up on FM14 after a short while. In short, i wish i had saved my money
  4. We shouldnt need to start new saves! They should be able to produce a game that bloody well works first time round, its laughable. And now im off to delete my account and spread the word about never everr buying another fm again.
  5. 3 games played since the update, three red cards and 9 penalties conceded (all converted because keepers no longer save penalties it would appear) and basically my entire season has been ruined as i was top of la liga with atletico with 5 games left. So yeah, excellent.
  6. Thanks guys, ive made a few simple changes, only one IF(S) and W(A) instead, DLP(D) and CM(S) standard and fluid and im scoring goals for fun! finally i can stop moaning about this years fm haha!
  7. i have the If on dribble more and currently swapping between Costa and Villa as my AF
  8. Yeah its something to think about, i have never struggled this badly ever!
  9. Yeah, im also trying to use it on my Blackburn game, a tad more tricky haha
  10. I will give it a try, but im beginning to think a new formation would be a better idea!
  11. I thought that might be an issue, do you think maybe an AP(S) and DLF(A) might help?
  12. Ok so im doing badly, im Atletico and playing a 4231, im not creating as many chances as i would like and struggling to score this is how im lining up ----------------AF---------------- IF(A)----------AM(S)----------IF(A) ---------BWM(D)--DLP(D)--------- FB(S)----CD(D)----CD©------FB(S) ---------------SK(S)-------------- Team Shouts; Shorter passing Work into box Much higher line Hassle opponents Mentality; Control Fluidity; Fluid Any suggestions/input would be welcome
  13. Mate the people saying the corners are fine are deluded. I have lost two of my last three matches 5-4 having been 4-0 up in both, and boom 10 corners, 10 AI goals, ridiculous, any other company would have offered people a refund by now
  14. Does anyone have any idea why it is so damn hard to beat the AI's 442, ive tried numerous tactics and formations and i just cant do it, driving me bonkers
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