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  1. The national flag on personal info panel doesn't displaying full, where I change the resolution of the faces and the flags to display it all full? can be solved? My resolution is 1280x1024. Thanks, amazing skin!!! http://i57.tinypic.com/k4ce8y.png
  2. please move Matías Malvino (Defensor Sporting - Uruguay) to FC Lugano (Challenge League - Switzerland), hoping anxious your amazing work!! transfermarkt.es/matias-malvino/profil/spieler/248418
  3. Hello, I'm looking for a file to activate the minor leagues in Switzerland (most really possible), my "b team" plays in a division that not enabled by default (only available Super League and Challengue League). I need the activation, at least, the 1. Liga Classic (fourth level) with their three subdivisions (three gropus). If anyone can give me a download link to activate would be very grateful, or someone who can take the time to do this request. With having to fourth level I'll be very satisfied Here is the Swiss League system: Swiss Football League system Thanks and sorry for my bad english
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