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  1. Did this challenge maybee 10 years ago or more so. Won it with Kingstonian and Gateshead i remember. Had a lot of fun with it :-) I might try it out again now, but just bought FM20 and trying to figure everything out, the game has changed a lot! Great to see the game lives on :-)
  2. New manager for St. Neots Town And this guy is who i will build my squad and tactics around: Cleaver
  3. Couldnt make it Work with Lewes unfortunaly :-( So simming to start over with a new team. How do you Guys get the correct logos for the lower League Clubs?
  4. can u make one of me if i post a headshot ?
  5. Hmm yeah .. thats a good idea.. ill be thinking about it in the new year, ill get back at you
  6. I have a challenge idea i just want to swing by you guys, to get some feedback; The idea is "Return of the vikings" Where you have to travel(more or less) the viking voyages/expansions of the vikings in the period of 700-1000. The idea is to start of in the danish or norway divisions as unemployed, win both the danish and the norwegian leagues, then to move on to win the russian league, then the english league, the french, and at the end the USA league.. What do you guys think ?
  7. Im in 2029, and im not really enjoying it. First of the grey bug.. it psses me off. losing to a grey turkey team in the CHL, even though i have won the PL 7 years in a row. The same with my first international job.. its sick with the grey bug. Second. despite having the best team in the world i keep losing my games away.. no mather what tactic i use(which i use hours on making) i still cant win when we are supposed to. Third. If i find a good player i want i have to pay like 100mio euro to get him, even though he is worth 15mio. I dont want to do that, so i have a lot of good youngster BUT when they get good (at about 23) ALL of them want a new challenge which ****s my team completely. what am i supposed to do ??? 4th. the board confidence is just really no good. Its ridicouless they get upset just because you lose a semi-final against a good team, and youre playing with youngsters. NO board says: you have to win everything or we'll get upset. Id doesnt take into account what kind of team youre meeting. Ived been rather succesfull in my game, but im not enjoying this half as much as FM07 fully patched. Its mostly because of what i have written but there are alot of other small things that makes me annoyed..
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