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  1. I added a basic New Zealand league system with Wellington entered in the Chatham Cup. Wellingtons continental cup nation was set to NZ
  2. I'm on FM14, but I managed to get Wellington competing in Oceania while playing in Australia. They won the OCL but don't seem to make the CWC at all.
  3. I've experienced the same problem since you told me about this method! Hopefully someone can help
  4. Having less spots would also disadvantage you as opposed to a country with four spots, no? Or is it averaged out?
  5. What happens to the team dropping from the national First Division? Do clubs reshuffle based on closeness to the border or are divisionnumbers flexible?
  6. Have you tried duplicating the club, moving all the players, staff to the duplicate club and swapping it for the original club?
  7. Thanks for quick response, sorry it had been asked before!
  8. So I'm basically trying to create an Oceania database with modified continental competitions. Does anyone know how to replicate the European system where teams drop from the Champs League to Europa League? Help would be greatly appreciated as there seems to be no way to view already existing continental rules in the editor. I have some knowledge of advanced rules but this stumps me.Thanks in advance
  9. Just convert to advanced rules and you can edit relegation spots that way.
  10. I would like to start off by saying how much I have enjoyed FMH, from 13 to 15. However, this version has a few bugs, and one is the stamina bug. Anyway, here's my basic attempt at analysing how stamina goes down over the years. I just did a very quick player search from a small database with Scotland loaded to find out just a little about its effects. 2014 Results This means that of 3707 players, 81.20% have stamina of 10 or higher and 22.09% have stamina of 15 or higher. 2019 Results This means that of 3596 players, 72.27% have stamina of 10 or higher and 19.27% have stamina of 15 or higher. In just 5 years, the amount of players with what you would consider a decent stamina has dropped by over 10%, while the number of players with a green attribute for stamina has dropped by more than 12%! 10% may not seem like much, but just think, in a squad of 25 this could affect up to three of your players. I'm sure someone else could do a more detailed study, but that's my bit.
  11. And you use the duplicate for the ethnic clubs while keeping the original city for normal clubs? Thanks mate, really been looking for a way to do this!
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