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  1. Most apps for club

    Found it in the overview, thanks.
  2. A couple of years ago you used to be able to go to Club>History>Records>Players and then see the current player with the highest amount of apps (And most goals for that matter) but since like FM16 you can only see this info based on a season. Can anyone tell me where to find this info please.
  3. League Attendances Not Showing Up

    Same, I'm in my second season.
  4. Same here, also had a similar problem in FM16 when playing in window mode but that was fixed fairly quick, games been out months now it's time for a fix. it's come down to the last game of the season for the title and I can't even view other teams scores............
  5. Did they remove the ability to view team info such as value/ground size ect before you pick a team? or am I missing something? Or is it something that will be in "Full release"? This is quite important to me because I tend to play only one game/save a year and I like to pick the bottom of the bottom, but all I have to compare teams by is a badge...
  6. I tried to do this today (poach youth intake) Problem was on the day I got my intake I looked through other teams, but nobody would sign for me as they had all signed contracts recently.
  7. Bug or weather?

    Well if you read my post you will see I suspected it could be a bad weather effect and not a bug/error at all so my main intention was to find out if that was the case also my driver was three months newer than FM16 so I didn't suspect that could be a problem and to be honest still don't, but time will tell. Are you always such a cheery helpful part of this community ?
  8. Bug or weather?

    I've not updated my drivers since The Division beta so I'll give that a shot, I tend not to update them much these days since they bring a new driver out every time a AAA releases. My current driver is 361.91 and updating to 364.72
  9. So I've noticed a few times that my screen is getting dark while watching matches, I put it down to bad weather 1st half 2nd half When the second half started it was light again which made me think this could be a bug? Also when I turn off weather in options it made no difference, anyone know what the deal is? Either bug or intended is makes watching a game less enjoyable.
  10. I had this problem, I was playing in window mode, set to full screen and then back to window and it fixed it for me.
  11. I guess it will probably turn out to be fairly balanced then.
  12. I would have thought that too but this guy is brand new to the club
  13. Like I said its the first time I've done it since last update so it could be a one off, maybe he was close to naturel already or maybe his adaptability is high, just seemed a bit freekish