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  1. I got to give props to SI on trying to mitigate the crossing issue. I have been playing a couple seasons now and even though the match engine is still a bit unbalanced when it comes too many goals coming from set pieces and crossing, the game play is so much more enjoyable now.
  2. I feel like Charlie brown after reading these posts, hope slowly appearing. But I'll wait until seasons with the new patch have been completed before forming an opinion.
  3. Completely agree, I have noticed that all answers on this issue from SI are very vague and non-specific.
  4. Another disappointing release from SI, why haven't crossing been fixed???!!! Almost all goals in the match engine comes from crosses...What I don't understand is how this was not a priority to fix since FM 18 had the same issue. What's the point with adding all these new features when something as fundamental as the match engine is completely flawed??
  5. Let's not get derailed and defensive but get back to the original question... Has SI acknowledged that there have been to many goals coming from crosses in the previous versions (FM17 and FM18)? I think the answer to that question is no.. and that's what worries me, especially when I see the gameplay for FM19.
  6. Good point, the sample rate is way to low to make sweeping statements on FM 19 but it's not for FM 18 and I haven't been able to find any acknowledgment from SI that they accept the amount of goals coming from crosses is an an issue. So when I see a large amount of goals coming from crosses in the videos released on FM 19 it doesn't; give me a lot of hope... Yep I have the same suspicion that the match engine might be flawed from the foundation so that they can't fix the issue because clearly it would have happened already if it was an easy fix? I don't really ca
  7. I would love to get a straight answer from SI on this, Do you guys acknowledge that to many of the goals in FM 18 came from crosses? I stopped playing FM 18 due to that the crosses to goal became so repetitive. The amount of goals coming from crosses on the videos released for FM19 are worrying but it could be due to the tactics they are using. My concern is, if SI doesn't even agree that FM 18 had issues with to many goals coming from crosses..
  8. My biggest concern when looking at the footage released is that the overemphasizing of goals that comes from crosses haven't been addressed. Either a, SI haven't accepted that as an issue or b, they ignored the issue. Looking at the goals from the game play video a the vast majority of them are still clearly from crosses....
  9. Patience running out , this should be priority by SI and clearly its not. I can play FM right now, slow but without any issues on a old laptop I found with Intel I3 1.8 ghz processor, 4gb ram and intel 4000 graphic card. But I Cant play on my Macbook Pro Intel I7 2.4 quad core, 8gb ram, nvdia geforce 1.24 gb. What a joke.
  10. Has this issue been solved by SI since it's not a sticky anymore? I'm glad you guys are positive but I got a bad feeling about the silence from SI about this problem...
  11. The suggestions dosen't help in my case, can't speak for others. However the suggestions are noted and appreciated. The major problem I have with SI is the lack of ownership of the issue. Instead of excuses just say "hey we messed up and working on it with the utmost urgency". Instead it seems we are getting the runaround. Maybe the issue is not on every macbook but i bet there are plenty out there that are playing with computers that are extremely hot and don't write here. If some of these users damage their machine it will be worse PR for FM in the long term...
  12. Lucas, I don't agree with you statement at all and I'm very disappointed with SI. Been playing since cm3 and always bought every version and promoted the game but the you guys handle this makes me want to just forget all the love I have for you guys and maxim tsigalko. If the game dosen't work properly on some MacBooks I would have loved to hear that before I bought the game! This issue was reported during the beta version! By your answer it seems that it's not a priority of SI to fix this and you guys are blaming it on your customers computers. All I want to hear from you guys are apologizes,
  13. Hi also would like an update from SI on this issue, posted on the bug section but no answer. Thank you
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