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  1. Hi THOG, I still powerfully intrigued by this thread, having more amazing fun than ever with fm an football in general, thanx for that. So I get a couple of quick questions for you, I guess that by now you seen this new thing in the forwards not pressing the defenders, rather eagerly waiting for the defender to make a stupid mistake passing the ball, preying for the interception and quick deadly counter. Simeone and Mou are doing this, in FM terms that would be like the Enganche with his Close Down Much Less. Now is that something I can easily achieve with any role/dutie or this is hard-coded into the game (enganche role)? Or maybe achieve it through OIs? When you talked about Retain Possession shout (also remember the roles-duties discussed in other later section), that can be powerfully useful to create fast involving 1 touch passes, last year without this info I tried and miserably failed, with this new great info I feel I'm closer, so which mentality should I use control or attack? Should I offset tempo to higher?
  2. Hi Llama, I'm playing as Arsenal, 4-4-1-1, how do I create a if-s at ml position? I know that wm-s is a good start, but I get my doubts in PIs, cut inside would be one for sure, maybe dribble more, depending on the player, but I'm not set on Get Further Foward
  3. Here in Brasil that goal is considered one of the best ever by the Seleção, still we always coment on how much time Pelé had with ball to choose what to do, no Italians closed him down or anything! cookie right! By the way Cleon, using MMAlison to emulate Clodoaldo:eek:
  4. In FM14 I made a very mean Real Madrid 4-4-2 on control + drop deeper + work ball into box and sometimes higher tempo, depending on the situation. Still imo, in fm15, I saw better results on pitch with the same setting and without 'drop deeper' and 'higher tempo' , I was sttrugling bad with the roles up front, wanted both Benz and CR7 to stay up front, so used treq+cf-a, af+dlf-a without mch success in the desied interplay. In another note, remember Ancelotti saying that Isco is good for the team because he adds more possession to the team.Btw saw some numbers today and Real are in the top 10 in europe in pass completion with 86% (PSG are the best with 88%), so Real isnt playing too direct football
  5. Wow got curious about CWB behind the winger, tested it, in a 4-4-1-1, and the moviment and combinations are amazing, even better than the other side with a CWB and a wide playmaker, go figure.
  6. how do I set my gk to start quick transitions? Can't seen to find the right combination, I've been using throw long + quickly. what's the diference between strenght and balance?
  7. Loved yours second step, doing wonders for my ManCity tactic, and I believe it would have been the solution to my Chelsea one too, tanks a lot
  8. Is match training cumulative or works in a game to game basis? should my assistant take care of playing friendlies?
  9. oh ok I get that now, I tried the much higher line before, with and without hassle, and I didnt had the eye for the game that I have now. Anyways still evolving and learnig everyday, thanx llama3.
  10. Malmo colors reminded me of Man City, which reminded me of this thread.. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/381423-Creating-Man-City-442-Tactic they start discussing a 442 and end up with a 4222 like yours
  11. thank u, learning so much!Also in the OP tactic, if I understand right, u use-for pressing- control + higher line + offiside trap OR control + much higher + hassle + offiside trap so if u wanna hassle the line must be much higher then? also in the same note, tempo affects pressing right?
  12. Howdy, great thead, I have some questions that are not tied directly to any set of mine in particular, and these questions are burning in the back of my head: will Play out of defence, like u said in the OP, used from standard to overload, hinder fast transitions? the ap-s or if-s on the flank wont get into the area until late, would adding 'get further foward' make them more of a threat? or that would make them just congest the box? (in a 4231)
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