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  1. I'm not sure but I think you are misunderstanding my post? To be clear.. I want to be the General Manager only. I want to draft, sign FA, make trades, etc. IE build the team. I want my Head Coach, who I am paying, to you know, coach the team. IE set lines, tactics before the game (and let me see his decisions by hitting the "ask coach button" on the tactics screen, just as you asked for) and then make all adjustments during the game. And of course tweak any of his tactics going into the game to account for injuries, resting players etc. My request is when I say NO to coaching myself that the result is all of the above happens. IE my Head Coach takes control of all games, I do nothing but show up at the arena to see what he does with the talent I have given him. Not sure how you read "Head Coach takes control of all games" being the same as me coaching the game myself? (since I'm not the Head Coach) In other words my post is intended to be, and as I read it, totally in support of your post as I have wondered the same things. My only "new" suggestion was to allow the Head Coach total control of all games and not limiting him to controlling only exhibition games as he is now. Again maybe I am misunderstanding you or you me?
  2. Great questions and suggestion! I bought EHM with the idea of being the GM only and letting my head coach run all of the tactics and coach the games. I just want to go to the arena and watch the team I built play. I answered the coach game yourself and use current tactics to NO hoping to accomplish this but have no idea if it actually works. I think the best easiest way to clarify this would be to have the option "Head Coach takes control of all games" just as we have the "Head Coach takes control of exhibition games" in the GM options menu. Also the first time I visited the tactics screen I hit the "ask coach" button and was surprised nothing changed. I too would like my coach to share how he thinks the tactics should be set just as he shares how he would set the lines.
  3. Currently Greenman gaming is running a 30% off code from now to Dec. 3rd. 6V6DY-ELGHC-YRY9V Made the game $35 US.
  4. Asked about this in one of wwfan's threads. The first quote box below from wwfan got me thinking since all styles of play can be defensive and attacking what does the Board look at to determine if you are playing according to their expectations? He theorized what might be taken into account on what qualifies as complying with the Board's wishes but said he didn't know for sure. wwfan suggested starting a thread and hopefully getting a response from one the the SI guys responsible for this area of the game. Below is posted the relevant posts from the other thread.. (bolded highlights added by me) wwfan's reply.. Anyway so looking for a bit of clarification on what the Board uses to judge whether your style of play complies with their request.
  5. wwfan First thanks for all of the help you offer here in these forums. This American, knowing nothing about football, started playing FM in 2006. Went through a lot of frustrations trying to learn the real game of football and also FM. Your TT&F posts and also the one or two times you helped me out personally have added so much to my ability to both play and enjoy FM. It is much appreciated. I do have a couple of questions regarding "step 3". Lets say I have an owner that expects "attacking\pretty" football from me as manager but I find with a defensive\counter type tactic I actually control the match better and still score a good number of goals... Any idea if the board will become dissatisfied with my running of the team since I am playing a defensive style even though once in possession I am playing a nice looking short passing ball control game that results in a good number of goals scored? In other words do you know if the board simply looks at whether my "normal" tactic is assigned as attacking, control, counter, or defensive and uses that as the guide to whether I'm complying with their playing style expectations? Or do they look at more than that such as wins, points, goals scored along with goal differential etc? (A.) I've struggled with how to allocate my three tactic slots to practice since FM went to this model 2? versions ago. Is one better off developing three 4-4-2 (or whatever formation one uses) tactics say..attacking\standard\counter? Then once the team becomes proficient in their use add other formations? (B.) Or should one be developing three different formations IE 4-4-2, 4-3-3, 4-4-1-1 using your teams "default" strategy? That is if I am expected and want to be an attacking team use attack strategy for all formations I practice and only use shouts in game to go counter, control, defensive etc.? (C.) Same as option B but use a different strategy for each tactic one is practicing? That is, train 3 different formations all with different strategies? I'm gathering from your step #3 above one should do option B or C. As for me I have done it all three ways and would be interested to hear how you think one should go about it. Thanks.
  6. Agreed, this screen is a pain to look at. Better contrast or the ability to highlight a row would make it much easier to see. Or better yet both contrast and highlight capability?
  7. With the game already d'loaded you would only have a small update to have the full version instead of waiting on the ~2 gig full game package to d'load. You might also run into some speed issues as Steam may get hammered, though this seems to happen to random users\areas(?). If you are going to buy there is really no reason to wait.
  8. Thanks Mons, sortitoutsi, and all of the cutters for providing this pack. Third year user and first year premium member at sortitoutsi, really loving the one click d'load.
  9. Great thread, simple and straight forward. Thanks for taking the time to post.
  10. Unlock code has arrived from GMG and I have activated on Steam,now just waiting for release. First time user of any distributor other than Steam and wasn't sure how it would all work out as far as release timing. Wasn't worried about getting the code just wasn't going to be surprised if it was either "last minute" or slightly behind those that purchased directly from Steam. Have been happy with the whole experience and saving $14 to boot, nice. Thanks Akter for starting this thread and good gaming to everyone that will be employed as a Football Manager this weekend:)
  11. I was both surprised and, as dark skin user, disappointed to find this thread. I do think a dark skin option should be included in FM13 however, after seeing this screen shot I am actually looking forward to giving it a try. Note in the screen shot the drop down box appears to be the "old" white that was the whole screen in fm12 and then look at the "greyish" color that makes up the rest of the screen. Also the rest of the colors are muted and not bright and "sticking out". From this shot I would call this skin the "light skin" and not the "white skin". As I said before I am a dark skin user and like most it is because of eye strain(though I at least don't get headaches). I do however find the dark skin to be dreary and not very pleasing to look at but only use it as the "best" alternative. This new light skin to me is much better looking than the fm12 dark skin. If it doesn't strain the eyes it is a nice upgrade IMHO. In the end I would guess that SI will end up putting out a dark skin as just too many complaints will come if they don't and it will end up being the best thing they can to at a small cost to "fix" the issue.
  12. I'm in. Thanks for posting the offer. $26 and a beta copy to peruse, nice.
  13. Wow, another update. Thanks so much to everyone involved for putting this facepack out. Absolutely amazing.
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