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  1. Hello! My formation is 4-4-1-1 with standard mentality and flexible structure with shorter passing, play narrower, push higher up, roam more and play higher tempoTi. Roles are: Goalkeeper- Wingback (A)-Central Defender (D)-Central Defender (D)-Wingback (A)-Winger (S)-Central Midfielder (D)-Central Midfielder (D)-Wide Midfielder (S)- Attacking Midfielder (A)-False Nine (S). And while it's really good in defensive play, it's really ineffective during attacking. Biggest problems are: A) False Nine play: He is not dropping deep enough. In most transitions and build-ups he is much higher than attacking midfielder whose runs are really late. I want F9 to drop deep immediately to make space for AM (Shall I use Shadow Striker for him?). Right now, when F9 has ball then he is easily isolated and tackled/forced to shoot or dribble into closed space. B) Wings play: This is biggest problem in my tactic. I just can't make these good. They have really hard time against almost any FB. I can create 1 vs 1 situations, but they just aren't winning them. I thought about giving one of them a attack role, but with two defensive CM I am afraid about lack of support in my midfield. C) No clear cut chances: Sometimes I have many shoots, but lack of clear chances is something really annoying. Thanks for any help!
  2. If you want to defend with medium block, you can always use Control mentality+Drop deeper. Or counter+push higher up.
  3. It's my try to make something similiar to Jose Mourinho's tactics. Standard&Balance, fast paced attack with direct passing and high movement. GK: Distribute Safely WB/S: Keep Possession Away From Pressure DC: Disrupt Attacks Judiciously DR/A:Keep Possession DMC: Disrupt Attacks Quickly MC: Shuttle Ball AML: Shuttle Ball Through Defence AMC: Keep Possession AMR: Shuttle Ball FC: Spearhead Attacking Moves Closer to Defence
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