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  1. Finished a pretty epic first season. Started off pretty slow (just as IRL haha) but picked up the pace towards the end, won the League on the last day, lost the FA Cup on penalties to Everton (finished 3rd) and then won the CL 2-1 against Munich. After being 1-0 down after 21 mins and scoring twice at the end of the game with a substitute...enjoyed that quite a bit!! Rooney was pretty awful the entire season, couldn't get him to sign a new contract without ridiculous pay raise. Don't quite get how a player on 175k with 10/15k bonuses who has a dire season (10 goals and no injuries) thinks they deserve 245k with 55/35k bonuses. So i took a chance and listed him for £50m (was only worth £20m) and Madrid gave me 46.5m up front for him. Good business there so bit their hand off for it. Also ditched Valencia/Nani/Young/Anderson for 25/9/10/15m each, although still paying some of Nani and Young's wages but I'd rather have them out as they're adding nothing to my team and don't fit into how I want to play. Brought in Hamsik (40m spread over bonuses) and Florenzi (17m). Pushing the team to now play with attacking wing backs and a strong centre midfield presence to hopefully feed Hernandez (feel he deserves a big chance after beating Munich). Started off badly, drew 0-0 and lost on penalties to Everton again in shield and lost opener to Arsenal 1-0 but playing much better now. Has anyone managed to get anything out of Fellaini/Cleverley/Welbeck? I really want them to work but Fellaini just gets constant 6.8/6.9 playing as BWM/BBM/DM, Cleverley does nothing whether AP in centre mid or AM or wing and Welbeck just disappears every time he walks on the pitch. Figure with the latter two its just constant playing time they need to grow but I can't afford to carry two players but Fellaini....i had great success in FM12 with him at Everton playing centre mid but with seemingly better stats(?) and in a better team, he's just effervescent. Maybe he needs to be big fish small pond.
  2. Scored a hat trick against Real Madrid for me in CL. But that was on the initial version of FB are broken beyond belief. I was playing with Jenkinson RB and Sagna RCB due to injuries and that worked very well.
  3. Just finished my first season with Arsenal. Played most of the season with a 4-2-3-1 formation. GK - Goalkeeper defend RB - Limited full back - defend CD - Central Defender - defend CD - Central Defender - defend LB - Complete wing back - attack DM - Regista DM - Ball winning midfielder - defend AMR - Winger - attack AMC - Support Striker - attack AML - Advanced Playmaker - attack S - Deep lying forward - attack Really a season of two halves. First half I dominated the Premier, got to the league cup final but just got through in second in my CL group with PSG. Second half completely fell of the bench in the PL, got knocked off third round of FA cup by Birmingham, lost the league cup final in the last minute (oh so familiar) BUT dominated the CL, beat Real Madrid convincingly, then Chelsea (EPL champions by miles), then Athletico before meeting the mighty Dortmund in the final and smashing them 4-1 to finish the season with two trophies - 4th place and the CL! Need to modify my formation for the second season, reason i finished fourth was due to dropping loads of points in amazing throw away games. Lost at home to Palace despite them being down to 10 men, me having 35 shots and them having one 30 yarder from Chamakh in the last minute(!!), was utterly dominated by Swansea twice but did well against big teams. Clearly my formation (and maybe my team talks) work really well against teams who try and play but fails against teams who park the bus and struggles to break them down. I think in a few games i pushed both DM up into CM but had no effect. Only signings i made were Revelliere at the start, Sven Bender for £17m and Carlos Vela for £3.4m. Gibbs, Monrael and Bender were consistently my high performers, hope SI fix the WB bug as its a touch annoying. Players player of the year was Azpilicuelta, young player was Luna etc. Funny thing is City and Spurs were absolute tosh. Both managers sacked by November. So Wegner took over at City and is stalking me with constant bids for Ramsey, Wilshere and the Ox. Not a chance!! Just done an end of season clear out. Bye bye to Rosicky (free), Podolski (£7.5m but awful for me and wanted the £100k off my wage bill so bad), Park (£3.4m), Reveliere (his purpose was served), Fabianski, Martinez, Bendtner, Djorou and Coquelin and brought in some regens plus Volland (£33m), Diego (free) and Landreau (free). Hopefully Volland and Diego should give me more options for the games I failed in last year. Has anyone had any success with Cazorla? He seems a bit meh to me now, never really gets above a 7 on ratings but scores the odd free kick. Also has anyone found Szczency's value drops loads? Was only worth £1.5m at the end of the year, despite playing most of the season, gave him a new contract til 2019 as he's rated 4 1/2 stars and still only worth £1.8m. Weird as he rarely makes mistakes but keeps quite a few clean sheets. Oh and England won the World Cup with Rooney banned for the final against France.
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