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  1. Ok, guys, i'm looking for a little advice. I've been running a little experiment with regards to created players moving into management. I've basically created a player who will most likely become a world class central defender at liverpool. he starts the game at 14 years old, has good stats and PA of -10. He also has high loyalty, favourite club as liverpool and Stevie G and Carra as favoured personnel. Finally, he starts with a 20 in 'prefered staff role - manager', which essentially means he starts the game at 14 with 'definitely looking to go into management when his playing career is over'... So, i've run this experiment 5 times so far, with varying results regarding his playing career. One thing however remains the same in every game. He never goes into management. Each time he vanishes from the game when he retires, usually around 35-38 years old... Any advice?
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