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  1. I would really like to know if the cdkeys version works on mac. Can anybody confirm? It says PC only, but FM releases hasn’t been seperated for a few years iirc.
  2. Have I understood correctly that I get the full game only when my psychical copy arrives from where I ordered it (Cdon) and I enter the code from the booklet? I don't remember if that was the case last year. Cause as of now I'm still on the beta version in-game and in Steam, and the editor is not available for me yet. Sorry for terrible explanation, but you get the idea.
  3. On a very positive note: The game seems to load much quicker for me than FM 14 and 13. Don't know if that's the case for anybody else, but I'm thrilled with that
  4. Sometimes the space button works moving forward in the game and in the inbox, sometimes not. Running window mode on a Macbook Pro with newest OS.
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