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  1. Not being able to cancel preset training camps when you take over a club is very very annoying. I don't want to play friendlies mid week and I certainly don't want to play games in pre-season more than once a week.
  2. I'm sure I saw Miles say there was a "brand new MLS tutorial" in FM2013 in the video blogs. Do you think I can find it? Someone please help me out and point me in the right direction, as my mate has decided we are going American in our new online game lol. I've never been able to wrap my head around the draft system
  3. When I'm in a match and in pitch view, if I change to the match overview screen the match speed drops to the default. I have it set: During highlights 3/4s; Between highlights 3/4s; Extended highlights; director cam; no replays; no sounds; action bar auto hide; info pop ups on.
  4. Anyone else think this is a huge step backwards? I detest it already. Something else for the AssMan to do then I guess.
  5. Thanks Ackter, you're a scholar and a gentleman
  6. I choose professional footballer, as I only play online and we pick that to give us a chance of international jobs etc.
  7. Thanks for the replies, they are indeed Jerez Industrial C.F. in Spain. They have Glenn Hoddle listed as Director of Football and Graham Rix as a coach. Though even with all Spanish leagues playable in my save they only have 2 players that aren't greys, so they are useless now as pre-season morale boost
  8. So The Glenn Hoddle Academy are no more I used to always play them as my first pre-season game, just to give the lads a morale boost So is there a new equivalent in FM 2011? Have The Badgers returned? As long as it's not Harchester I'll be happy
  9. Name: Denílson (de Oliveira Araújo) Age: 32 Nationality: Brazilian Club: Free Agent Position: AMC Value: Free Agent Sale Value: £425K Work Permit Needed?: No (Spanish 2nd) Signed in my SPL online game for Rangers. Still got some great attributes despite his age and cheap(ish) wages too of only £8.5K. Name: Marko Babic Age: 29 Nationality: Croatian Club: Free Agent Position: ML Value: Free Agent Sale Value: Unknown Work Permit Needed?: Yes Looks good, but was turned down initially for a WP for Rangers (awaiting appeal) cheap wages too of £5.5K.
  10. John Fleck - the next Jim Baxter For those that don't know who Jim Baxter is, shame on you - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jim_Baxter
  11. Cheers Theres only one GV!, that's what I get for skim reading looking for links to the podcast That link doesn't work for me Joe, as I don't have QuickTime installed, and have no intention of installing it.
  12. Any chance of this with out iTunes or QuickTime please. I'm not going to install rubbish MAC software on my PC just to listen to this.
  13. Please pick me! Please pick me!
  14. Just signed this guy from Wolfsburg for my Spurs side in my online game. He was valued at £9.5m I managed to haggle them downfrom £33m cash to £25m cash and £5m after 50 league goals and 20% of future profit. He'll be partnering Oscar Cardozo upfront and hopefully banging them in
  15. I saw this originally on the BBC footy website a week or so ago: "The FA Cup could become primarily a midweek competition, with Football Association chief executive Ian Watmore admitting something needs to be done to make the competition "more relevant". Watmore is keen to retain the third round as an "iconic" weekend event but would not rule out moving other rounds of the competition - including the final itself." http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-1253864/FA-Cup-switch-midweek-matches-bid-add-touch-glamour.html