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  1. i have tried the driver and the anti-virus and i dont have any skins on. The crashing is still happening all the time
  2. i have played this game all year with no issue but in the last couple days it keeps crashing sometimes i only get on for 5 mins other times half an hour any idea what is causing this DxDiag.txt
  3. Thanks everyone for the information really good hearing how other people play. Now I best get on with a new save and try get some silverware
  4. Ok thank u for the reply would you suggest setting up two three tactics say for example counter or more attacking but keep the ti the same or just different roles or have different formations ready in case of injuries. And also any advice on how to stop being dominated by bigger teams
  5. I would really appreciate some help on whether or not I should change my tactic for every opponent or build a tactic based on what I have as I'm not very good at seeing other teams weakness I have read loads of articles but they seem to have so many conflicting messages. I'm now about to start a new save so any help would really be appreciated thanks in advance.
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