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  1. Well, thank god for that, because Tripadvisor only recommends a WWII museum, a couple of churches and the Bulbjerg cliff
  2. Loving your writing style Tough results in the league, though - maybe take the lads out to a movie or some McDonalds?
  3. I, on the other hand, love picture-heavy posts - you're telling a visual story and the pictures compliment the text nicely. It's different than many other threads, because you're trying to bridge the gap between career updates and stories and are actually pulling it off. As Bobby said, you make your readers care for a club they probably have never heard of and you've achieved this through a certain way - just keep doing it the way you've done it thus far and add some minor tweaks where you feel they would be necessary. Ultimately, you have to produce content you yourself like and enjoy produci
  4. Middelfart - what a strange, beautiful name for a football club Tough loss in the Cup, but no embarrassement in losing to a bigger club. Loving the updates, keep it up!
  5. Absolutely brilliant - I too love FMS, but in some cases I feel that pictures would make some of the stories even greater. Can't wait to see how it comes along! Is it going to be a strictly one club career or are you keeping your options open?
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