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  1. Just think it’s a great little weapon to have in your negotiation arsenal. May well feature a 25% sell on clause to other clubs but 40% to your rivals. Im not sure many clubs irl would agree to a 50% sell on fee Santa so well done on that.
  2. Brahim has signed for Real Madrid for £15m. Included in the clause is a 40% sell on fee should Man Utd buy him. How fantastic would this be in FM if we could select a club to trigger a sell on fee?
  3. Defoe just signed for Rangers on an 18 month loan. It's possible.
  4. Agree with the OP. FM has always been one of those games when once you figure out how to win, the challenge is gone. I generally shouldn't have to play the game using a silly tactic or managing Berwick Rangers and only signing youth players. Why would I want to play this way? Does the AI play this way? If the game can't keep my attention then I'm gone. I did make a thread about dynamic game difficulty balancing (DGDB - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dynamic_game_difficulty_balancing) and was told the game doesn't care about the player and will continue on regardless. I hope this wasn't true as once the player goes, the game ends. Also, I recall a comment from a developer stating that injuries are toned down to around 85%. I've gone through seasons and had half of my first team never pick up an injury. This is ridiculous considering high intensity , professional football is demanding on every muscle in the body. How can a player never pick up an injury? I now cannot play this game without tweaking the injury frequency using the editor. What's wrong with realism SI? The nature of a simulation game is to mimic it's real-life counterpart is it not?
  5. 32 and been playing for many years. My 4 year old boys don't understand what all the fuss is about but luckily for them they've got it all to come. It's going to be fun in a few years having a 3 way hot seat.
  6. Haven't upgraded to 19 just yet. Can anyone tell me if instant control has been fixed? In 18, players took the ball out of the air like Zidane, I'm talking 5-6 tier centre-backs immediately taking a long ball into their stride. This happened all of the time and troubled me somewhat (and still does actually).
  7. The operative word being "possibility". You can't say Brexit will not happen just because there is a possibility of a second (nay, third) referendum. Many variables still to consider such as remain winning the next vote and, of course, the possibility of a fourth vote a few years down the line to appease the Brexiteers.
  8. Brexit is happening though with or without parliamentary approval of May's deal. We just leave without a deal. It's not ideal but there you go.
  9. Seems like a bug. You shouldn't be playing your final game 2 weeks after everybody else in the league.
  10. Don't say it Don't say it Don't say it Don't say it Don't say it Don't say it Don't say it Don't say it Don't say it Don't say it Ellis: Why don't you start with Norwich
  11. I wouldn't upset your girlfriend mate, before you know it she'll get the mother-in-law after you, her best mate, her hairdresser and her nail lady. They'll demand a team meeting and you're as good as finished. I'd promise more game time over the coming weeks although you should stress that you may have to transfer list her if she keeps giving you grief.
  12. During my Tamworth save I had a 17 year old regen who was club captain. He was an absolute beast and most definitely would have been sold to bigger clubs within 1-2 seasons. In my current Lancaster City save, I have a 17 year old winger who is cutting the mustard at NPL level. He's not quite as good as Mr. Tamworth but he's been in fine form. I generally get lucky with youth intake. I've had some pearlers.
  13. Yes. Do you watch full matches like me? A few versions ago I removed the stars within the skin as I found it to be breaking the game. It was very difficult playing without current and potential ability being known as I was relying on what I was seeing and what my coaches were telling me, just like real life. If you want ultra-realism, remove all attributes and scouting stars.
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