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  1. Well, yes and no. Developers get early access to OS updates entirely to stop issues like this happening. Clearly it is 10.14.4 that has caused the issues with FM, but it hasn’t affected any other software I run, including other games. Hopefully they are testing with 10.14.5 to try and avoid more issues. And fair play in lending your laptop to help find a solution.
  2. Either that or the retail version may work properly again, who knows? Probably not SI, based on how this saga has played out...
  3. I had the same message when playing earlier. No other programs running except for Steam. Had just hit 'Continue game' using the button in the top right of the screen. I have a mid-2014 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro, 2.6GHz Core Duo i5, 8GB RAM, Intel Iris graphics and I play on low graphics settings. I did press 'Send Report,' so hopefully that's useful to you...
  4. Public beta has helped for me, and unlike others I haven’t experienced any crashes, touch wood. But it is very much a beta - as others have said, little things like the mouse pointer don’t quite look right, and the 3D, whilst it runs ok, really looks poor. My settings have always been on low, but it does seem to me to look worse than the retail version. So I do completely echo the frustration - I think I paid £35 for this game, and to only be able to run it in a shoddy beta version six months after release really is very poor.
  5. “Your best” at this point doesn’t appear to be very good, given that this problem was encountered in January and nothing appears to have been learned from it. Either you failed to pick up a game-breaking issue when testing the game with 10.14.4, or you didn’t bother testing the game with 10.14.4 at all. I remember Miles boasting in the pre-release media how this had been the most stable FM in years during development. Now I look at this forum and instead of the minor problems you’d normally see, the front page is almost exclusively Mac users with this issue, or people whose save just dies over and over on the same date. Oh dear.
  6. That’s cool - I mean, it’s not like people have paid money for a product they currently can’t use (and also couldn’t a couple of months ago) due to your failure to do basic compatibility testing with operating system updates. Take as long as you want.
  7. I agree. When I buy some software, it’s not unreasonable that for a period after release (in FM’s case, the year!), the developers ensure it works with current operating systems. To have something like this happen once is poor, but twice in a few months is really shoddy from SI.
  8. Hi Andrew, The best I can do is my backup just prior to switching to the 19.2.3 beta, entitled "itszamora_transfer_clauses." It's from just before the Championship playoff final, which I lost, to Brentford - which should have triggered the very tiniest of silver linings in the form of the clause. Cardiff and Leicester have long since stayed up - I would have been playing on 19.2.1 at that point. You'll be able to see from the transfer clauses that both remain "active" despite the conditions clearly having been met. And if you throw the playoff final (perhaps you see my centre-forward's true calling as a goalkeeper), you will get Brentford promoted and probably not receive the money, as I haven't. Hope this helps - as I say, don't know if it's an issue specific to how these real life transfers have been entered into the database, or something wider. I've subsequently sold a couple of players and a big clause, so the need for cash is at least slightly less pressing...
  9. Hi there, I’m playing the 19.2.3 public beta on my Mac. As per this thread, I joined Norwich mid-season and come the end of the year, expected three transfer clauses to pay out: Murphy (Cardiff, avoiding relegation), Maddison (Leicester, avoiding relegation, and also possibly making the Europa League) and Canas (Brentford, promotion). None of these have paid out and the game has rolled over into the new season. These are all real life transfers, so there could be an issue with the data, or a wider problem with these kind of clauses. I can provide my current save this evening (it’s in early July, I think) or a couple of autosaves that are probably from slightly earlier if that’s helpful.
  10. Right, so that’s happened and they didn’t pay out. Maybe one for the bugs forum, then. Thanks.
  11. Hopefully a quick question - a few players my club sold prior to my arrival have clauses that should pay out if the team buying them gets promoted/avoids relegation. In a few cases, this has happened but I am progressing into the offseason with no sign of the money - which I desperately need! Does anyone know when these clauses pay up?
  12. Thank you for the update, Neil. I’ll give it a go this evening and report back.
  13. Patience is wearing rather thin, I’m afraid. Customers quite like to use things they paid money for. Can we have an ETA on a fix, please? It seemed like a small update so shouldn’t be taking this long to sort out. Also, I have seen a few people from SI say it’s not possible to revert to 19.2.1, which worked fine. Could you elaborate on why, please?
  14. Given SI's form on this to date, that does appear to be far too much to ask for, yes.
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