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  1. Seems to be a solid tactic. Do you use OI's? And what about the teamtalks? Best regards..
  2. Very nice results... how do you handle the teamtalk? Might download and try
  3. Thats very nice results.... do you use any OI's? And what about the teamtalk?
  4. Nice one Hough! Im really looking forward to see this tactic in action. One question though, what teamtalk did you use in this save? Bubbathay or just your assistant manager?
  5. Nice results. Do you use bubba tay team talks?
  6. Impressive results. Going to give it a whirl with Leeds.
  7. Can you please give me a link to that tactic? Cant seem to find it.
  8. Ok. What sort of attributes are you looking for when you are signing a assistant manager? Im going to give one of your tactics a go with Villareal, do you have any recomendations regarding version to use? Sorry for my bad english
  9. When you guys go on holiday, do you mark 'Assistant manager takes control of team talks'?
  10. What attributes should and assistant manager have in order to be successfull at team talks? I.E Motivation, but anything more than that?
  11. Give them more CF and make the left striker swap position with the right forward. At least thats what i do, and it seems to be working.
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