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  1. I see that the cup draw is wrong. The first rounds are drawn with the local teams. Low division teams get home match against another local team that are in a higher division. Currently managing Ranheim and the first year i got Sola in the first round and the next year i got Sotra! Thats 900 km away! And there were several other local teams in the pot.
  2. Why aren't the Norwegian league updated ? the season (2013) was finished in november.. last years patch did update it i think..
  3. After 4 seasons with my swansea side i managed 9th, 12th,6th and in january of the last season i got sacked :/ And swansea got relegated. 6th place was because of my two strikers that were brilliant. but I sold them for £70m too upgrade the club a little. the season after i started conceding goal after goal. It's great attacking but not defending. tried alot of things but to no avail. This tactic is great with BIG teams, not poor or decent sides. Got the job at Fulham now, so im going to try there
  4. after over a half a season with a decent Swansea side I have scored 9 and conceded 20 goals against higher rated teams in the last 50 matches. My side is predicted 10th. Similar rated teams : scored 65 conceded 56 smaller rated teams: scored 41 conceded 14. The corners are good, scored 11 goals so far from corners and conceded 1. Seems to turn off the "drop deep" helps a little, going to try a little more.
  5. Thanks! going to try this with my Swansea side, since my old tactic went out the window
  6. in my game the Netherlands beat Croatia in the final in 2014.. in 2018 England won over Colombia in the final. The Qatar final in 2022, Germany beat Argentina.
  7. In the older FM's you could see in the news for competition which countries have applied to host the World Cup etc.. Where have these news gone ? I can't find them.. Only way is to wait for the current WC is over to see what country is hosting it next.. This is something i miss And yes I subscribe to the competition news..
  8. i am a Norwegian with norwegian nationality set in the game, i'm managing Rosenborg now. I'm in the year 2020. Won Tippeligaen 7 year in a row and Europa League etc. I'm also managing Turkey. After I took over Turkey there have been an influx of turkish players through my youth intake:p there haven't been any good players yet though But how does the youth intake work with nationalities ? how can i get more diverse nationalities ? I have feeder clubs from Iceland, Sweden, Denmark, China and Brazil, but no players have had those nationalities...
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