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  1. Got it fixed after deleting every file from the data editor folder that isn't a .fmf file (excluding config.xml). Apparently that was somehow the problem. Thanks anyway
  2. Hi, I've played all the day yesterday, came back in the evening and then the game didn't load with that database error. In addition to trying compatibility troubleshooting, I've reinstalled the game but it didn't help. Checked also the anti-virus. The latest dump file is attached. Thanks yaadi FM 2018 v18.2.2.1055984 (2018.01.24 15.50.14).dmp
  3. Hi, Thanks a lot first of all. I have a problem with the facepack, all the legends' pictures are out of place - examples are attached in the screens. However all of the current players who were made younger still have their correct photo (last attached screenshot). Can you please help? Thanks
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