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  1. Well said that man. It's unfortunate for me too, because I just can't get into this year. I've tried, and tried, but the regens are the single most important part of the game for me. When they are lacking depth, clarity and immersion it takes any fun out of the game. They're just not realistic, and when you want the game to pass as a realistic football management simulation, this doesn't work for me.
  2. I've once had a 16 year old English striker come through who was PA 195. (I checked in the editor I was so surprised). I was playing as Huddersfield if i recall, and was doing well in the PL at the time, and had top class facilities. But only once, in 4000 or so hours out of all my games.
  3. I'll post this here. Must be a bug. There is a lack of variety in regens, as seen in my screenshot. There are texturing problems, colouring issues, (blue eyes for black africans), a lack of hairstyles and no facial hair.
  4. Regen hair

    Facegen model into Blender.
  5. Regen hair

    I've also established that the Si hair can be re-imported into Facegen. The only thing is, the folder containing the hair is missing the TGA files. The EGM and TRI files all exist, but because they have been exported without a TGA there is no image for Facegen. Not sure how to get round that?
  6. Regen hair

    I've managed to import the hair into Blender, but I haven't a clue what to do from there
  7. Regen hair

    I think the 3d faces should appear in the match engine. It might be that it isn't working properly yet. I was under the impression this was the new match engine 'feature' that Si were lauding over before the game was released. The ideal for me would be to revamp a current face, with hair, in 3d and have him appear in the match engine. As the hair can be imported now, surely it is just a matter of time before we work out how to improve the faces too.
  8. Finding Players Available to Loan

    Yes, DOF is the best approach generally. Ask them to look for loan players and he will usually do a better job then you. Also, if you have a senior affiliate that helps a lot, although you still need to trawl through the scouting inbox to see who is available,
  9. Regen hair

    It's quite complicated. I've downloaded Blender (free via Steam) and I have managed to grab an import/export script that works with the Tri files. I can now import the hair styles that have been produced by Si. In theory, these can now be edited and improved, and re-exported. In theory... Potentially.. There are quite a few issues of course and this really is the limit of my understanding as far as 3d textures and models go. If the hairstyles can be improved that would go someway to help.
  10. Regen hair

    Correct. To be fair, making the faces isn't difficult as they are randomly generated. I simply tidy them up and add a few 'features' to make them look more realistic. The problem is, apart from the hair, is generating them within the game. Obviously FM uses a version of facegen (which they call Sifacegen). This can be instructed to generate the faces and the features I mentioned earlier. They can be made to look fantastic, given time and effort. But I can't see how it works within the game. It might be that this is locked in and only accessible via staff. But as Kubi said, it might also be that thousands of regens might have consequences elsewhere. I don't understand why Si can't improve them, or at least tell us why.
  11. Regen hair

  12. Regen hair

    Nope, I edited the watermark out for my personal use. I've tried a couple of things to see if I can get hair to appear in the game but it hasn't worked. So i'm not sure where we can go from here.
  13. I've stopped playing currently because of the many issues surrounding the regens. I really hope that someone addresses these problems, or at least we get the nod from a Si official, because at the moment, the lack of feedback is very disconcerting.