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  1. pdstanbridge

    Wonderkids from minnow nations

    I've had a few really obscure regens. One striker from Mongolia if memory serves was probably my weirdest. He was a superstar regen too, with a PA of over 180. In a slightly older save as Peterborough I've one guy from Greece. Not really obscure, but he has a really good potential. I've also two first team regens from Korea, again both with cracking potential. This defender is 6 ft 6" !
  2. I wouldn't advise moving players around, it tends to have bearing on their expectations. Try it and see, even if they are hot prospect they will demand playing time. It's happened to me a few times. I can't see any other way round this problem though.
  3. Cheers Seb. Look at the pictures - Ryan Fraser is reporting injured on the pitch (ME @ 52:35). But on the other screen he is not. This is the same match (52:58)
  4. I haven't changed my tactics at all and I've changed the players to injury rating 1, just to prove a point. I have noticed that the injury levels have increased exponentially. I have a striker out with a broken leg for 8 months, done in training. He has injury level 1. Every other game I am seeing injuries on the pitch. It appears to effect AI teams too. I'm not saying if this is right or wrong, but it has changed since the last patch. Also. something is up with this. Injuries are being reported on pitch which do not correlate to the player.
  5. Hmm that is a possibility - I am using a fairly top end Nvidia card in my laptop, but the drivers have been updated.
  6. I have to say, and I can't be totally sure about this, but I think I have seen some improvement in regen face quality since the latest patch. It's not mentioned at all in the patch notes, so could someone confirm this is the case? Have they at least been looked at?
  7. I ask them if they will consider reducing their squad status first of all. Then I ask if they want to become a member of the backroom. Usually one or the other will work. I like to try and keep my older players within the team structure in some shape or form. I believe it benefits the club, as they will be accustomed to playing with the manager's style and have tactical awareness that some of the younger players don't. If they accept reducing their squad status you can usually offer them a lesser contract the following season, or they retire. At that point they can join your backroom, if you want them to of course.
  8. pdstanbridge

    Awesome Regen Names

    I love the old regen graphics Some of these names are epic. I don't think I've had any marvellous ones in any of my saves.
  9. One thing to consider here: as you progress in your campaign do your manager stats improve too?
  10. pdstanbridge

    Work permit rejected

    If you wanted to do a little 'cheat' and have the editor you could always add a secondary nation, then apply for a permit. I've done this once or twice I admit, but in these cases the players parents had dual nationality
  11. About 10 leagues, huge database, advanced settings and aboot 110,000 players.
  12. pdstanbridge

    Regen hair

    It may be the rendering requirements, I don't know all the techy details but it would point towards something like that. Because it's fully 3d I'd imagine the system demands have increased. It would explain why things seem to have taken a downwards spiral after the last few revisions. But maybe some optimisation could sort this out.
  13. pdstanbridge

    Regen hair

    It's such a shame Sifacegen can't produce random regens like how the software produces them here on my desktop. Each random face is so much better than the 3d models in game.
  14. pdstanbridge

    Regen hair

    I think the manager creation kit uses the same Sifacegen that the regens use. So I'm not sure why the variations aren't coming through to the players. Maybe we'll see improvements in the winter update.