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  1. hehe yes it's bloody difficult especially lower league. I was playing as Ayr in Scottish league 1, I got them promoted within 2 seasons to the SPFL and then managed to score a single point the following. To the people saying it's too easy - HOW?? lol. I don't know what the answer is; I haven't found any consistency yet.
  2. Was fixed in 19.1, and bugged again in 19.1.1 Homepage resets to default everytime you click out.
  3. First of all, I think this beta is the best FM I've played in many years. But something that has been a problem for me for the last couple of years and no different in 19 is the registration of players in the league, particularly after Brexit. Especially so when you talk about multiple competitions. Although the rules are a little clearer than before we could do with a 'in-game' guide to help; before we shoot ourselves in the foot (like I've just down twice in two seasons). The system isn't very intuitive. I had bought players in (loans) to cover injuries, only to be told that they were nott eligible for a number of different reasons. I basically can't register them. Now the scout reports didn't highlight any potential issue, and as I don't really understand the rules I could do with a 'undo' function if I make a mistake. At the moment it is too easy to screw things up.
  4. Well..... Dare I say it. But I *think* the newgen graphics have improved quite a lot.
  5. I guess it’s a matter of personal taste. They look better than last year I think, but they’re nowhere near good enough or up to the standard where they should be.
  6. I haven’t bought this yet because of these issues but generally the reviews are very positive. I’m tempted for sure but maybe I’d be better reinstalling 16 with the hair packs..
  7. That surely must be a bug. I can’t believe they would leave out ethnicities. Has anyone seen any African players?
  8. FaceGen is actually rather good. I've had a little play, and have produced what I consider superior regen faces in a matter of minutes. Obviously they need a 3d mesh and such like to appear in game. which I guess is where the problems stem. I'm not condoning what they have done but I can understand the issues that arise as a result of implementing new tech. For what it's worth I think the faces this year are better than last years, but the ability to modify the hair to make it more realistic would really add immersion, and would certainly convince me to invest.
  9. I think it's more complicated. They used a licensed copy of FaceGen las year, and anyone can download a demo. It's actually pretty good, but this year i'm not so sure. Somebody said to me last year that one reaon why the regen faces are so rudimentary is to do with hardware specs. Thousands of high quality 3d regen faces would kill peformance apparently. But all this is speculation of course. I just wish someone in the know would actually speak to us about it. Explain why it is so difficult to implement.
  10. I imagine they went with 3d because of the modular implementation. Plus having the regen faces in 3d correlate with its parent design. Having a regen face appear 2d and 3d in the match engine just doesn’t work. I’m disappointed also with the improvements though and this has actually put me off buying this year. I’ve had a copy every year since 12. They need much better 3d artists.
  11. I think they are improved over last year but I’m not overly keen on their comical edge. They are still several steps back from where they should be however. I haven’t seen any ethnic players yet? Do they even exist?
  12. If I recall there was a bug introduced in 18 that caused some crashing/hanging, resembling a memory leak. The fix resulted in the removal of the full screen mode. That's what I remember anyway.
  13. Possibly Kubi. I'm running a MSI GT73Vr with a Nvidia 1070 on a Gsync screen, 1920x1080 @ 120Hz
  14. Something changed between 17 and 18, I had this problem too. I gather it's the same in 19 then. The full-screen mode has definitely changed - it's not true full-screen, it's a full window mode. But it is distracting, as skype messages, emails etc, all appear on screen during the game.
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