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  1. Much sucess with this tactic? I've been struggling to score goals with it.. Did you change something?
  2. This tactics is amazing! only one or 2 adjustments to the roles to match my players, and of course in match changes, but the core is just this. Amazing record for me, plays as Atalanta. THANKS
  3. Hi, I've been playing FM for some time without any issues on Windows 8 Pro, today I upgraded to Windows 10 Pro and I can longer play as usual, the game is super super slow. Even on the start menu my "avatar"no longer dances like before , it's all laggy and full of brakes. From the Nvidia 3D menu I already add FM to use the graphics card Any ideia on how may I correct this? i7 4710MQ 2.5Ghz 8gb RAM Nvidia GTX860
  4. Any advice on how high should I keep training intensity? I'm midway through my pre-season and I've already picked up several injuries during the friendlies..
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