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  1. And regular OIs. For example, I like to close the GK down every match. Please make it possible to just set an OI for the same position every match.
  2. Drop deeper, play narrow, clear ball to flanks, set to Counter.
  3. Great idea. I'd also love an option where you can request that teams train up a certain attribute while they have a player on-loan. I don't really like sending out players on loan if there's a certain stat I want to build up, because it won't get built up as much as I'd like.
  4. Willian's decisions stat is 13. Well, if you guys think he just made a poor decision then fair enough. But for me, a player's instinct in that situation should be to make a bee-line for goal, especially a player like Willian.
  5. What about scandals arising whereby an international manager uses their position to speak to a player privately and tell them they would like to sign them? Right now I'm the Spain boss and I'd love to sign both Javi Martinez and Azpilicueta. What if, in FM, I could speak to them and try and tempt them into joining? But if the player is outraged by this, they could tell the media resulting in the manager almost being forced to resign through embarrassment?
  6. Yup, the more I think about this the more I love it. Look at Man Utd in 2003 for example. Kleberson, Djemba-Djemba, David Bellion, Alan Smith. Their scouts thought they were top class players because they made misjudgements but there are no misjudgements by scouts in this game. It's difficult for experienced players to make a misjudgement because all they need to do is look at the various stats in the key areas. More ambiguity is what's needed. Give us terms that could mean 1 of 3 or 4 things. Don't give us specific values. Or at least give us the option to do that if other people would prefer numbers. I want to thoroughly scout a player over the course of a year. I want to watch his matches. I want to send different scouts to watch him over the course of a year or two. I want my bad scouts to make misjudgements which could cost me money if I'm lazy or not thorough enough. I want to be more engaged with the whole buying player process. I want transfer rumours flying around because I've been watching a player 7 or 8 times a season. What's the flight time to Brazil, about 10 hours from the UK? Because right now I can play a friendly and attend a game in Brazil the same day. You should have situations where it's mid-season for us, my scouts have found a good player but there's a lot of interest and I don't have time to watch him live because we've got training/matches. Therefore you're forced to trust your scouts if you want to get the player. And isn't that the point of hiring the best scouts? And then of course there's the possibility they'll have made a misjudgement, exactly like Man Utd did 4 times in 2003. Make it more life-like! Give us (me) ambiguous terms, not specific numbers! I do not just want to do a quick filter, get a scout report, find out if he'll adapt/play well in big matches/play well consistently/get injured a lot and then buy him. How boring, lazy, meaningless and unsatisfying is that?
  7. Also there's a big gap between the window edge and pitch when watching in 2D but the info bar only drops down? Why? Just move the pitch an inch to the left and then the info bar can be permanently down.
  8. I'd also really like it if SI recognised that practically every 18 year old on the planet speaks fairly good English at the very least. Just signed an 18-year-old Romanian - only speaks Romanian. Come on. Also I think SI should recognise that some languages are very similar to others and won't take much time to learn. Ie. learning Italian if you already speak French/Spanish/Romanian is pretty comfortable. Learning French if you speak Catalan is very easy. Etc.
  9. Some great ideas on this page. A few more I'd like to throw in; - When delaying a transfer, you have to wait a week before you can confirm it. I'd like an option to be able to confirm it whenever, if you've asked for a delay. - If a player agrees to join a club in the future (for example an U18 Brazilian), I'd like for them to start learning the language of their club's country straight away. I'm sure this happens in real life. Look at Guardiola for example; ok, his German is not amazing but he understands a decent amount and has obviously been learning for a while. - Do regens grow? I have a CB who's just turned 16 but he weighs 88kg and he's 202cm already! This isn't exactly realistic... And the most controversial thing... I would like the abolition of the filter and visible stats to an extent. In real life, do clubs/scouts filter players based on numerical stats? No, of course not. They are heavily scouted and get reported on by scouts/the HoYD or whoever. You don't get given a numerical figure as to how good their dribbling or whatever is. They are simply told 'decent', 'good', 'exceptional' or whatever. I want scouting a player to actually mean something, because right now all you find out is whether he's consistent, injury prone or good in big matches. Your scouts scout different players, they get added to the filter and then you can filter your known players by adjective which perhaps could represent any of 3 numbers. ie. Exceptional is 18-20, very good is 15-17, good is 12-14, decent is 9-11, bad is 5-8, very bad is 2-5 and abysmal is 1. That way you never actually know who is better just by looking at the stats - if you've got 2 players you're looking at in the same position whose dribbling is both 'very good', you should actually have to watch them play if you're going to make a decision on who to go for because that is what happens in real life. It's so boring in FM as it is. Look at the stats on screen, maybe add them to the shortlist for a while to look at his form and then buy. How many people here watch those players live before they buy? Not only that but different scouts should come up with different reports based on the games they saw and based on how good the scouts are. A JA20JP20 scout will obviously give a more accurate reading of a player, but a JA12JP13 scout will obviously give a less accurate and detailed report. Doesn't matter what scout you have in this, you can still see every single stat a player has after he's been scouted. I want far more realism. I don't want to discover players I've never heard of just because I've filtered my database for players with certain stats. I want to find them through proper scouting and through me watching games. How often do you see managers turning up to watch games at other grounds? Pellegrini was at Man Utd-Chelsea last night.
  10. Team talks...I've just given a team talk in which 13 of the 14 players reacted well and 1 reacted badly. Now the media is asking me about team talks and whether I will continue to give them. Improve that please!
  11. When a player gets a broken nose or fractured cheekbone, why do they have to spend 3-4 weeks out? In real life players who get such injuries wear a facemask...so put a facemask option instead of physio or injection. In real life players like Tevez and Suarez create trouble with issues over refusing to play, being racist, etc...so put that kind of stuff into the game! Ronaldinho went clubbing all the time while he was at Milan, turned up late for training, etc. Put that kind of stuff into the game! Have stuff like players having issues with their weight too. Whatever happens in real life, put it in the game because this is too gamey and not real-lifey. For example, we've seen with Higuain and Bale this transfer window - clubs asked other clubs for permission to speak to the player to see if an agreement over the contract could be reached before a bid was even made. Put that into the game! Why not have highlight reels for everything each player did during a game or if the ball was within 10 metres of them or whatever? That way a manager could just watch the reel to see what the player did and where his player instructions can be changed for the better or perhaps even train him to do a PPM.
  12. 2nd minute of the game...his stamina is 14! Natural Fitness 12. We'd just had a week off. At the end of the game he finished on 65% after ET. 4% lower than Dede & 5% lower than Romulo. Inside Forward Support. Run from Deep sometimes. Run with Ball often. Long Shots rarely. Through Balls sometimes. Cross Ball rarely. Wide Play move into channels. I mean we're talking about a player here who rotates heavily with other top quality players but is still good enough for 15 goals & 15 assists a season, all by cutting inside the defender and making a mazy run into the box. So he's very capable of doing that but the moment there's no defender in the way, he turns into a moron? There's no excuse for what's in the video. No player in the world would do what he did. Unless it was about the 90th minute of a cup final and you wanted to waste time, every single player in the world would run directly at goal and take a shot. This is supposed to be the leading football management game on the market. How can we take it seriously with the crazy amount of match engine bugs that still exist? Stop working on 3D and fix the damn thing before you revolutionise it!
  13. Willian; Dribbling 19 Technique 18 Creativity 16 Flair 15 Acceleration 16 Pace 18 And he does this... 12 players ran back by the time he got into the box. 12. With 16 accel 18 pace. Farcical.
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