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  1. Can someone explain how this is done on android? I have a samsung note 10+, do I need to use a PC or can I do it all through my phone? Appreciate any help
  2. Can someone explain what the numbers stand for on that table?
  3. Can someone please explain the difference in what they do other than what it says in game. Say if I had a full back on attack, would his position when defending be the same as a full back on defend/support, the only difference Is he wouldn’t go forward when my team attacks. With an inside forward on Support would he not make attacking runs like an inside forward on attack would? Thanks in advance
  4. So as soon as my team regain possession he will bomb up the pitch? What happens if the opposition have sustained pressure, will he defend as a full back or still be pushed higher than the rest?
  5. From what i've read, a more structured team means players will focus on their individual role over the team, my question is what happens if you have a full back on attack duty? Will he just constantly be further forward or just make forward runs when in possession? Then when in possesion have a more defensive position?
  6. My board wont seem to give me the option to choose my own affiliate club, every time i suggest to them about finding one they just start the search themselves then say they will get back to me in a month. Ive been at newcastle 4 seasons and finished second last season so the board confidence is high enough, yet the past 6 times ive tried they just start the search themselves?
  7. I haven't had no messages or anything about it I don't think? Can brexit cause this
  8. Can somebody please explain to me why all of a sudden any u18 player I try to buy has to wait until his 18th birthday to move? Im Newcastle and have signed 15-17 year olds for 3 seasons in a row and all of a sudden it's saying this even though I'm trying to buy players who are in the EU, the photo attached is Scottish player
  9. I've just realised that my players are sometimes playing for the u23 aswell so best of both worlds, I'm going to leave them in my youth and get the best of the facilities, thanks for the reply!
  10. Im just looking for some advance on my youth setup, i have two options but not sure which one i should be doing? - When my youth prospects turn 17 move them to my u23 squad, when they turn 18 then loan them out or give them a chance in the first team or -Keep my youth players in the u18 squad until they turn 18 then give them a chance in the first team or loan them out. Baring in mind my youth facilities are 5 star with good coaches, and tutoring etc will be used in both methods. Im just wondering if games in the u23 squad will grow my players better than keeping them in my u18s until 18. Thanks in advance
  11. I'll try your suggestion then if not i'll go there, thanks:)
  12. No matter how deep i have my defensive line, i always see a good 2-3 key highlights a game of teams playing simple passes through my 2 cbs for a free one on one on goal. Does anyone have any tactics to suggest to stop this happening? Thanks
  13. I've sent my scout on numerous of different tasks over the season, in the time remaining it says 'N/A', but it says its preparing. Im confused as it does this for months and nothing actually happens, could someone explain what im doing wrong? Btw im PSG so im not restricted on scouting. Thanks in advance.
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