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  1. I started playing fm >10 years ago when fm was not translated into my own language back then, so I've got used to English FM. FM was one of the effective ways I used to learn English, especailly those words which are more used by native speakers, spoken or on newspaper but not academically.
  2. 85% is already very low that almost no player can play through 60min if they start at 85%. So if you have 4-5 players start at 85-90% (it is normal if fm hides the real number) and if you sub off any players with red heart, you will have at least 4-5 players who needed to be sub off at 60min, plus the essential tactical subs and subs for injury you need to make. You will obvious run out of sub. So it is also obvious that you haven’t played through fm21 and are making up story to cover up for SI if you 1. Play players with 85-90% fitness 2. sub the players off when they have red hear
  3. This isn’t true. A player with 85% fitness will go to a red with less than 60 mins of play, which is a huge difference with 90%, 95% and 100%. Any professional sports science guy or coach should easily notice especially when SI claimed how accurate it was when they introduced the so-called “medical centre” couple of years ago.
  4. Could you please also do the same for 'sharpness' to decode those mysterious description of trends like 'gaining sharpness' and 'losing sharpness' that are used to describe a static sharpness status?
  5. It's ridiculous if the sports scientists in game think a player who can only play 45 mins before getting exhausted is in full fitness. THE GAME IS BROKEN.
  6. It's the most stupid and non-sense thing I've ever seen in my >10 years playing fm 1. waste of space on the left of the 'tablet' - 3 columns were not enough already but SI is non-sense enough to cut from 3 columns in the beta to 2 columns 2. a big waste for space in that 'tablet' that half of it is used to show non-playing subs' rating - how it is useful for us? The 'precious' space is more than enough to show the opposition's formation and own team's rating + goals + assists altogether 3. extremely not user friendly that we have to move our mouse and click on that nano-sca
  7. I think it would be even better to let us choose which players to attend the meeting. Actually every week I praise all players who have training rating above 7.5 and criticise who’re below 7, so they would keep up / improve performance in the next week. But all these are just too repetitive. I hope there is way to speed up.
  8. You must aware that someone creates custom database with older versions database (e.g. 06/07 season database in fm20), so we can enjoy some old legend teams. However, there are some disadvantage of doing so 1. it takes a lot of work to do to edit all players ability and recreate players for someone who already retired, so there is not much older version database available 2. Doesn’t seems realistic as we can’t change start time to years before, and players birthday have to be modified to make them change their age 3. Not much players would I think it would be great if SI c
  9. Same thought. Would be happy enough if we can have a database update to work on fm19 though. Just can’t stand with the new ME. Don’t know when we’ll get a reasonable ME update, maybe in Feb or Mar after winter transfer?
  10. There are many times I wanted to praise or criticise a player for his last match performance but there are not options which suit the way he played. For example, a midfielder scored and I just wanted to say good work for the goal but the only options to praise a midfielder when he scored one goal is to praise his passing or chances created. If he didn't have a high passing success rate or number of key passes, that means I can't praise him even if he has a high overall rating, so as to avoid bad reaction. There are many similar situations. 1. praise a ball-winning midfielder / deep-
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