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  1. I second the posters, penalties conversion is completely wacked out, it starts to become a nightmare.
  2. So far I could test it the Match Engine has been really improved from FM14. Players behave a lot more like they should, apart from slight glitches here and there that will be probably refined in the near future. What looks terribly weird is the graphic though: players don't "blend" with the pitch because of strange lighting and lack of credible shadows, despite having five star graphic allowed in game preferences, they look "glued" above the grass texture just like a game from 10 years ago. Animations are more realistic just in theoretically: arms flapping is exaggerated, the movement of legs when players control the ball appears very strange, a bit like they were affected by a movement impairing illness, you have a small leg movement creating a long range kick, etc... Intentions are good and this is the right way to follow to have better match rendition, but for now it's a step back from FM14 reality wise, I guess a lot more work of refining is due here.
  3. Well, a wimp probably would remain a wimp also in RL, but a dwarvish DC could be easily retrain as a decent DM if he has decent passing.
  4. An easy and pretty realistic fix would be having a high versatility stat when very young, and decreasing it over time just like natural fitness, so it'd be a lot easier to retrain them adding another realistic touch. In the real football world many player change roles during their youth career, you read everyday "I started as a wing as a youngster then my couch brought me behind as a fullback" and also other way round (this is the most common though).