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  1. You sadly confuse harshness with realism. Hide hard coded routines and schemes behind half confusing roles, team and player instructions and PIs doesn't make the game an inch easier for newcomers. If I am a newbie and I setup a man marking (with the outdated instruction we have in the ME) I think that my player will follow the opponent, not wander around pressing aimlessly and then sometimes "Doh! I should mark that guy, where he is? Oh 20 yards away, let run aimlessly a little more" If I am a newbie and setup "pass into space" I want my forwards make a lot of off ball runs, no matter if they risk to be offside most often than not (this is what off the ball value should be taken in account against positioning). If I am a newbie and I setup "tight marking" I want my defenders stick to the opponents not waiting for them 2-3 yards distant. If I am a newbie I want ME to replicate as much as possible the football I watch on TV not some strange playing that has little similarity with reality.
  2. ME practically ignores handball so I guess it'll ignore that rule either.
  3. Because, as I said in my comment above, it's just too much hardcoded. You cannot setup defensive and attacking movements, just play with instructions hoping that they'll work the way you think they should.
  4. I just read the bunch of new features announced today. While most of them are nice improvements still FM20 lacks that "something" that would really push me to buy as soon as it comes out. I know the old rhyme "if it's not broken don't fix it" while I guess that making huge changes is expensive and risky. Still the game looks a bit stagnating, I will for sure buy it, but probably not soon and maybe I will wait for after Xmas bargains and if I will grow tired of the current career on FM19. I know my rant sounds a bit "generic" so I list some of the huge changes that IMHO are really needed for the game to improve and that I would have really liked to find in any new late version of this game: 1) get rid of CA/PA system and find a more random and fluid system for ability to develop. It's unrealistic, no matter what people say. The proof is that lot of young players need to be have their PA changed at every DB release, despite FM researchers are often very good and sometimes even better than professionals. because the consensus about young players potential changes over time and playing experience. 2) the tactic section is still pretty "raw". Man marking is a joke despite being a very used tactical device in modern football (i.e. Gasperini's Atalanta in serie A). There's also nothing that let us create some defensive and attacking movements. Some are there in the ME but are hidden behind roles, team and player instructions and pure randomness that don't make the game simpler for the newcomer while making a hell for the wannabe tacticians that avidly read blogs and watch youtube videos to get some grips of how things works. Probably attacking and defensive movements are hard-coded into the ME to make things look realistic and of course they need to be hidden beside a layer of instructions to not being overpowered and to help AI while making it impossibile for the player to develops new ones. 3) set pieces. If the tactic system is raw, set pieces are even worse. I don't think I need to detail things here, they are so much hard-coded that you see sometimes the ME override the few instructions we are able to set. I don't ask for FIFA graphics or thousands of animations. Sure graphic is nice but I understand the copyright problems to have too much graphic detail while animations are expensive to create. But please please please make Football Manager for managers. Actually it's a lot more Football Director of Football.
  5. I can live with every opinion of any people and i'm now fat even if I was not when I was playing real soccer... but I digress. I remember a very nice and very old videogame based on NBA, by Konami I guess, that had a "realistic" and an "arcade" mode, so players could choose what style of playing they preferred. Or SI could introduce a handicap system, maybe scaling down attributes or players or chances in the code (I don't know how it works so can't be so specific, I guess that every simulated action is based on a chance calculated through player attributes, opposition attributes and a lot of other variables...)- Anyway I think it's the time to give players a tougher challenge, right now some people is inventing any limit or strange managerial adventures to get some fun again-
  6. Okay, it's not statistically perfect but I picked up a very very very weak team in Italian serie C lower legue, Imolese, that was readmitted to the legue so it basically is a serie D team (most of players are judged by the staff at that level) plus some not particularly exciting loans. First transfer window disabled, so no meddling with free agents and other loans. Well I used one of my most balanced tactic from FM18, nothing fancy or overpowered, a simple 433 counter (433 with wings not the semicheat with 3 strikers) with high pressing and voilà, 6 matches won, zero goals conceded, last match the opposition, Monza, had a hard time to put a single shot on target. Same tactic in serie A on FM18 took months to work pretty well and anyway opponents put out a fight more often than not. C'mon guys, it's boooooring!
  7. I love how the ball curls and its trajectories, I hate the flipperesque feeling when it rebounds crazily between players into the area
  8. I was playing in the brazilian legue and I couldn't even ask for loan extensions in December because I decided to start playing in September.
  9. Very true but I think most of us just would like to have the chance to create a bit more of detail and history, also if it's a fictitious one. All considered it's not that Mr. Smith coming from nowhere getting the bench in any pro team is something a lot more credible, isn't it?
  10. Dear @santy001 and @XaW, the more I read you the more it seems that we're saying the same thing. I talked some weeks ago with a manager who works in the young sector of my favorite team and he said that, statistically about 25-30% of players of a Serie A U19 team will have a pro career. In FM terms this means that about 25-30% of players of a top league U19 team will reach and surpass CA 100 that it's more or less the boundary between serie C (pro) and serie D (semipro) players. To continue on the realism, you can imagine that even if none of those players are little Messi, it's clear that to pass the screening and get a place in an Italian top legue U19 team some potential is required. So yes, right now development is far too easy in FM. I don't know of course how the new training and tutoring system will work, but yes, the problem is there and PA is needed as a simple method to avoid to produce serie A players like cherries out of tree. Another thing that I really hate it's not just PA, but also U19 players' CA is pushed down, except for the few renown wonderkids, so they're mostly rubbish, that no sane scout will take into a Serie A U19 team. Make development real hard as in real life and finally the code itself will create a PA limit and we will just see wonderkids the way they are, young players with good attributes for their age and nothing more.
  11. I was talking of Premiere level when I was referring to stars because it's so much different for lower legues, your player is hardly good for a Legue1 or serie C team, probably with a CA of about 90-100 looking at his attributes and the step from 85 to 100 means a couple of stars in lower legues while at Premiere Legue level it almost won't make any difference, yeah he would be 1 1/2 stars, 2 stars, that's it. But that's not really the point anyway. Welcome on board! 😉
  12. 0.1% or 0.01% was the chance for a player to reach Messi's level, alas the 200 CA hard cap once PA is removed. But anyway we seem to agree that PA is needed because development is too easy now, and for the gamer is almost a sure shot. What would happen in RL? Say that a 18 years player has abilities that could be translated into the game as 120 CA: there will be a chance that he stops there or that abilities raise through years, the higher the value the smaller the chance though (with 200 that unfamous 0.01% which is still too huge because it's 1 player out 10000, while there's just a Messi out of 500-600k). It would also happen that more the player ages the lesser the chance to develop is, Vardy, Lasagna etc are exceptions, but they are the exceptions that make football so fascinating and unpredictable. Of course the higher the initial CA is (which reflects the abilities at this point in time of a player) and the lower is the age, the higher the chance to have a high "final" CA. That's the logic beside every scouting and it is used also by AI Is this possibile to code? I guess yes. Is this easy to balance? No, it would be a real pain. But as @herne79 pointed out it's the development code. Till it doesn't simulate reality better I agree that having a PA wall it's the only way to keep the DB sane. Still it would be a real giant step toward making FM a real simulation.
  13. You can have narrow defense while keeping attacking wide players marked with your wide players through specific instructions and OI, I used it a lot since even in old FM when you played defensively and deep you had a narrow defense as default.
  14. You see I was talking of onions, you reply talking of pears. I got the point of @herne79 of PA as a very convenient internal tool to keep the DB sane and he rightly pointed out one of the problems, that a gamer can develop a high PA player into a world class champion almost effortlessly. To cool down the tones, because I guess it's all down to a misunderstanding, I agree with you that it's completely true and right that with the ACTUAL code having a PA is the way to go and if we should have a PA it's far better to have it from some educated guess from a researcher than a random shot like in regens. In an ideal simulation game though, player developing would be so advanced and sophisticated that it would simulate real life development where you have the young with incredible abilities for its age, just to stop there (Diawara of Naples is a real life example) while you can have the Salah who developes from good but stagnant abilities in the middle of his career. None says the development code should allow for something different, you can also decrease the chances from 0.1% to 0.01%. It's called balancing, the thing I'm talking about for the last 10 messages.
  15. Sorry it was a moot point 10 messages ago, just read my messages again. And anyway I believe that people have huge limits in judging other people limits.
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