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    Been playing CM/FM since I was about 4 - sitting there watching my uncle try and poach Ferah Orosco and Mark Collis from Cambridge. Have grown up with the series and played every release of the game.

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    Football, FM, Gaming

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  1. I downloaded the megapack from Sortitoutsi so no chance of adding them back in one by one. A few leagues work for me and a few clubs but on a whole barely any are loading yet were fine prior to the new update.
  2. I've got no logos for a lot of clubs - worked prior to update and now barely anything at all. Any solutions?
  3. Sorry if already a thread but have looked and couldn't find any on this issue.... Essentially since the new update my custom graphic badges are only part loading. These were working fine prior to the update and now have stopped so can only look to that as the cause. I've checked the folders and they contain all of the EPL badges for example, I've also reset cache and reloaded the skin a number of times but nothing is working. With that said, it'll load a few badges ie Coventry and West Ham but none of the others. Is this a common issue? Anyone have any ideas to remedy? Cheers.
  4. Always a massive challenge going this low into Scottish football - a very good project though. Some encouraging results though, give it another year and I'm sure it'll all change
  5. I've never had the patience to want to manage a club outside of the English lower leagues but from the looks of your story so far it may have swayed me! Dutch master in the making....
  6. Doesn't look like there's too much depth in the defensive positions either
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