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  1. This is just a really minor UI annoyance, but under Staff Responsibilities > Transfers & Contracts > Outgoing Development Loans I've set myself to take responsibility of organizing loan moves But every time I close the game/reload the save file, it resets itself back to my loan manager. Its the only menu item in my game that does this, and its slightly irritating when I offer out players and see my loan manager already accepted/rejected the loan offers before I can do anything about it. I need to remember to set it every time I fire up my save. Is this by design? Because it seems counter-intuitive to have the ability for me to take control yet it keeps reset to my loan manager every time I fire up the game.
  2. Check Isaac Hayden from Newcastle, he's English HG & on much cheaper salary than Fellaini. And Fellaini is only listed as Competent for the DM position anyway.
  3. Told me he'd achieved everything and wanted to leave. Guess he just wanted to go home to his community
  4. Which is very handy considering Kepa was sold to Chelsea, kid will be a great goalkeeper as his attributes are all in the right place already
  5. Time for Adam Burgon (your most recent top prospect) to learn a new position then
  6. Hirving Lozano from PSV, got him for £15m in the Beta not sure if the price has bumped up since then. But nothing United can't afford lets be honest
  7. The injuries are ludicrous so far in Beta. I once ended a game with Sanchez, Mata & Lukaku all picking up injuries. Lukaku was only a tight hamstring, but Sanchez and Mata got serious multi-month injuries. Hospital Simulator 2019 truly
  8. Some interesting things have happened in my save, particularly regarding the squad. GK - DDG obviously still first choice, handsomely paid with a long contract. Romero was sold to Lyon after season 1, Dean Henderson has been promoted to be backup keeper. RB - Adam Smith, an overppay of £25m from Bournemouth is the current starter. George Baldock brought in as backup before start of season 1, £7m or so from Sheffield United. Darmian was sold to Newcastle for £15m after I found him in the U23s. Valencia moved to Juventus after they offered £23m before season 2, just as well as I was debating whether to extend his deal. Dalot has been on loan at Fulham since his injury return, developing well so far. CB - de Ligt, £30m from Ajax was the very first transfer I made. Bailly and Jones have surprisingly been my most reliable pairing. Smalling was sold to Chelsea for £25m after they kept offering at the beginning. Rojo did not feature for me at all, sold to Brighton for £25m before season 2 (spent last half of season 1 on loan in Spain LB - Luke Shaw is first choice, Paul Dummett was brought in at a pricey £15m as backup. Martin Olsson also had brief fling at Old Trafford, being a panic buy at the end of the transfer window after Shaw got injured. Olsson has since left for Mexico. DM - Lindelof is awful in the air, which is a big no-no for me at center back. However he does have brilliant technical skills, so he is the new DM/Regista. Matic was sent on loan to Chelsea with obligation to buy for £46m after season 1 ended. Did not want to renew his contract. Fred also covers here sometimes CM - Pogba and Herrera are a strong pairing and I have no concerns here. Sergey Milinkovic-Savic was the dream midfield partner I had planned for Pogba but PSG (cheeky ****ers) stole in at the last minute and somehow got him despite me offering better contract terms. Fred & Antonin Barak (£10m from Udinese, basically budget a Sergey, look him up) are the backups. Fellaiini left for Fiorentina after season 1, wanted a new challenge and they offered £25m. AMR - Alexis Sanchez was first choice for most of season 1, until an Achilles injury gave the spot to Lingard. Lingard has been the starter since then. Lozano is the £15m backup brought in from PSV. Mata was backup to Sanchez, but a serious hip injury ruined his attributes. Tried to sell him in the summer, no takers, sent on loan to Leicester, another hip injury means the poor Spaniard is finished at the top level. AML - Martial is a gem, initially I alternated between him and Rashford until Lukaku & Sanchez got injured. ST - As of now, Lukaku is the starter with Sanchez as backup. Rashford was my starter for season 1 for most of the 2nd half as Lukaku's injury affected his form. Then the jewel of the youth, Mason Greenwood, is the next one up.
  9. Pedruzzi's attributes don't look like much, but he is 2-footed, fairly quick and has good mental attributes (especially his off-the-ball) for a poacher. Thats how he scored so much.
  10. O'Halloran looks like a great find, could cover at full back for you if necessary too.
  11. Wonder what happened to the last forward who started his Arsenal career the same way
  12. 635 league games though, even Gary Neville only played 607 total games for United
  13. Well someone has to play full back. But no one grows up wanting to be Gary Neville
  14. What the hell were Arsenal paying those 3. Paul Cain looks brilliant though.
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