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  1. In my Man Utd save, I had Pogba rack up crazy numbers as a CMA with PI move into channels. That a was without an AM so he had plenty space to run into. Worked well as he finished 2nd top scorer in the first season and more or less won us the domestic treble:
  2. Good start mate will definitely keeping a keen eye on this thread. That Bayern team of 12/13 is the most complete team I've ever seen and without doubt the most aesthetically pleasing from a personal point of view. I've tried a few times to re-create their style in FM and it's fairly tough. I think Fluid+Attack with the deep line and narrow width nullifies their dominance in the middle of the park and from my experience completely surrenders possession. On the other hand though the counter attacks are absolutely lethal with Robben/Costa and Coman/Ribery causing mayhem cutting inside from the
  3. Got a bit of a crazy save going on at the moment with Southampton. Took over in mid January of the first season with the club bottom and despite being unable to save them from the drop, we were absolutely unstoppable in Europe and managed to win the Europa League. So it looks like for the first time in history, a lower division side will be competing in the Champions League! Player-wise only Wanyama has wanted to move and despite relegation, no one else seems to be unhappy (could change further into the summer though). Looking forward to seeing how this save develops and to see if I can guide
  4. I am writing to you as a long term lurker of these parts and as a player with over 10 years of FM experience. In past games I've usually managed to 'crack' the match engine so to speak and find a winning formula for my sides, be it Barcelona or Brechin City. However in the new version I am failing miserably in nearly every game I start when trying to get my team playing the way I want them to play. I've read numerous guide such as the brilliant Lines and Diamonds, Pairs & Combinations and Cleon's numerous threads which have helped me no end on previous versions - However, this year is a di
  5. Anybody got any advice for first season? Have been absolute rank rotten and am close to the sack. Teams like Norwich, Watford & Swansea completely dominating me running amok - Never started a season so badly! EDIT: Even Coutinho has been terrible as an inside forward on the left, usually able to suss things out eventually but am stumped as to how bad we're playing. Best player has been Callieri with 5 in 10, not one other player has done well.
  6. Started with us again and have just finished the first month back in the top flight. Cruised the first season finishing 32 points ahead of Falkirk. Hibs never even made the play-offs Won the training cup too although lost in the League Cup & Scottish semi's. Cummings was brought in again and produced the goods. Also sent Oduwa back to Spurs and got Josh Onomah on loan until 2017 - Trained him as an AML and he's been class. Him Zelalem, Cummings & McKay all getting over 15 goals. Jay Fulton & Jordi Amat on loan from Swansea & Abdul Razak on a free were quality additions too
  7. Schalke are a great challenge. Not won the title in nearly 60 years and have arguably the biggest fan base in Germany. Cracking youth setup too. Managed them in last years version and won the league and cup double in the 2nd and 3rd seasons, super cup too & ended Bayerns domination - Meyer & Avdijaj can become world class fairly early on if you give them game time and it looks like Leroy Sane has been given an upgrade so can potentially fill the void left by Draxler. Also, Gabriel Barbosa was the main man for me - Looks like he's even better in this years version.
  8. Thanks mate - Was an old iMac early 2009 version. Looking online and can get around £300 for it so definitely gonna go down that route to fund the new machine Had a 24" monitor so similar to that would be ideal. Usually play 7 leagues max, really only want to play on the highest graphics available so willing to switch to a PC & only play FM so anything that can handle the highest graphics settings would be perfect. Really am clueless when it comes to custom built PC's though so it would need to be a ready made machine. Any ideas where to look mate? £1500 is my budget but if there's
  9. Hi All Well after 6 years my iMac has decided to pack in, which means I'm now left with nothing to play FM on! Luckily, fallout 4 has saved me from having withdrawals. Looking for a direct replacement if possible, Apple preferably & a machine that can run FM at full capacity (highest graphics settings possible for 3D, was like watching subbeuto on my Mac in the end) Budget anywhere up to £1500 would appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction as I'm hopeless with computers!
  10. WTF has happened to the ME since going to full game? Had won 14 out of 14 games in my Rangers save, being top of the Scottish Prem by some 12 points. Now since it's went to full game I've lost my last 5 in a row and am now 3 behind. Tactics are a possession based game which was working well averaging 55%+ in the beta, now since the update, best I've had is about 48% being dominated by teams who are a good few levels below. Don't see why the engine had to be changed, the beta was perfect TBH. Really annoying when things get changed for the sake of it. Absolute joke TBH.
  11. Yeah the Ramsden situation is a real pain as there is virtually no decent staff who want to come! Can remember similar problems getting staff in on last years beta. Highly recommend Jason Cummings from Hibs - managed to get him for 425k and he's been a revelation so far, scoring two hat-tricks and then 4 in his first 3 games - keeping Waghorn on the bench. Will update rest of the OP tomorrow.
  12. Football Manager 2016 Squad 2015/16 Goalkeepers 1. Cammy Bell - Injured for the first 3 months of the game and isn't really of the quality to see past his contract which expires at the end of the season. 25. Wes Foderingham - Should be your undisputed number one for the first few seasons until young Ross McCrorie is ready to take over. Good shot stopper although kicking isn't the best. 32. Liam Kelly - Decent backup for the first few months although will potentially develop better with first team football on loan at a lower league team. Can be used in low prior
  13. Graeme Souness & Walter Smith – 9 In A Row Graeme Souness & Walter Smith Celebrate The First of A Record Equalling 9 Titles In A Row Every year from the 1988–89 season until the 1996–97 season, Rangers won the league title. This nine-in-a-row achievement equalled Celtic's record, set prior to the forming of the Scottish Football League Premier Division, subsequent to which competing teams met four times a season. The first three of these seasons the club was managed by Graeme Souness; the latter six under the stewardship of Walter Smith. Notable seasons included 1990–9
  14. Humble Beginnings & Early Years The Gallant Pioneers - Rangers 1877 Scottish Cup Final Team In March 1872, the club was formed by a group of rowing enthusiasts, Peter Campbell, William McBeath and brothers, Peter and Moses McNeil saw a group of men playing football on Glasgow Green's Flesher's Haugh. David Hill was also a founder member. Indeed, the team's first game was at Flesher's Haugh in May 1872 against Callander, which resulted in a 0–0 draw. Moses McNeil suggested the name Rangers after seeing the name in a book about English Rugby. Rangers only played two m
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