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  1. Sorry to jump on this thread, but I have a related question. If I have a league as View Only, then afer a season or so add it as a playble league and then remove it will that revert to being View Only or will it be gone altogether?
  2. Oh, that was easy! File named Andy (20.1.3) has been uploaded which has an in-game date of 15/07/2020. I play with a rolling 3-saves so I also have saves with game dates of 05/07/2020 & 28/06/2020 and I always make a separate save as soon as the game starts so I have one with a game date of 24/06/2019 too. Is there any value in also uploading one or more of these?
  3. Hi, Don't know if this is technically a bug or not, but in my save - English leagues from Vanarama North/South and upwards playable and all other leagues "view only" - I am seeing what seems like crazy transfer interest in my players (Barnsley in the Championship 2019/20) in particular and English Prem/Championship players in general. I've had 3 or 4 MLS clubs at a time putting in transfer bids for a few of my players, and the news feed seems to contain a disproportionate number of articles about MLS clubs interest in other Championship players - and I'm not talking those coming into the twilight of their careers, I'm talking about players in their prime. This just does not seem realistic at all - does anyone else have this "problem". Have I messed something up by choosing to have all other leagues "view only"?
  4. I would try the following: 1. Go into Preferences and then Interface, take the tick/check out of "Use Caching To Decrease Loading Times" (or "Use Skin Cache" or similar, I can't remember exact wording used in FM17. 2. Then click on "Clear cache" (or "Clear Skin Cache" or similar) 3. Change to a different skin (that should bring your kits back) 4. Change back to your original skin if you wish This will usually sort out any "stuck" graphics or problems with various graphics not showing.
  5. Hi Neil, Thanks for acknowledging. My system runs at a resolution of 1366 x 768
  6. Folks, When I hit the ALT F9 shortcut to take a screenshot, I get a scrembled image: I've taken several since the 29th - so the game and PC have been restarted a number of times, but they are always the same. If I use PrtSc to grab a screenshot then it works just fine: Not a deal-breaker, just annoying.
  7. Yeah, thanks mate, I'm well aware of this. I don't want to turn of regen faces altogether, just get rid of the generated manager face (and ideally go back to being able to use your own photo).
  8. Any idea how you did this? Blank would be infinitely better than the Frankenstein's Monster I now have! :-)
  9. Well found! :-) These are the packs that I downloaded a few years ago, didn't realise they were still around.
  10. Hi, Not the same as a generated face, but if you have a suitable picture you can add your own facepack using the ID's your players were given when you added them in the editor. A few years ago there were a number of real "alternate regen" facepacks published and I have a bank of about 400+ ready-cut faces covering all ethnicities and a range of ages (including "old" faces for staff) and a few female faces too that I use for players that I've added in the editor myself (and another 400+ that just need cutting). The majority are real faces from other sports (which I don't follow so don't recognise) although a few are generated faces but not in the SI sense - they are indistinguishable from real photos. These aren't my work so I can't publish them but I'd happily share them with you off-forum if you want to drop me a private message with your email address.
  11. Hi Folks, Does anyone know how to view the competition IDs for the English Under 21 (reserve) and Under 18 (youth) leagues in FM15? I know that these are created dynamically when you start a new game, so you cannot pull them up in the pre-game editor. 0n previous versions of FM you used to be able to see the IDs when you set the game to display the IDs in preferences, but in FM15 no ID shows for these leagues if you try that. Thanks in advance
  12. The kits kubo advised you to download are the 2D kits you see on screen so you do need those, but to change the kits your players wear in the 3D match engine you will also need to download a 3D kit pack and do the same renaming of the Cardiff kits there too. You can get a Championship 3D kit pack over at Sortitoutsi here: http://sortitoutsi.net/downloads/view/12821/england-championship-3d201415-new-180914
  13. You can use the name instead of UID in the config file, for example <record from="u18league" to="graphics/pictures/comp/english under 18s group 1/logo"/> The bit in red is where you would normally quote the UID. This certainly works for the English reserves and U18s which are competitions that are "created" when you start a game and have no visible UID (in fact it works for ANY competition even if you can see the UID). Can't say for definite it will work for user created competitions but don't see why it wouldn't. Just remember to put everything in lower case. Hope this helps.
  14. That's a relief, thanks. So can the game still be played offline as usual? There is no REQUIREMENT for an internet connection once the game is installed and activated?
  15. Yeah, was thinking the same thing here. The term ‘cloud save’ technology and the requirement for a broadband internet connection in the game specs left me feeling cold and clammy. Online activation I can live with, but if you NEED an internet connection to play then unfortunately I'm out for the first time in 15+ years. I play the game on my laptop on places where I haven't got 'tinternet. Please can you confirm the cloud save is optional and that you don't need a connection to play the game-
  16. I have a suggestion that might suit people who play the game at a more sedate pace - Parallel Reality Mode in which the game does not let you progress further than today's real date (reading it from your system clock), preferably using real fixtures. I would imagine that coding such an (optional) restriction is not a major piece of programming (but what do I know). That way you can take your favourite team and actually compete against the real manager of the real team in real time. Ideally the game would be released in the close reason instead of October/November, but I doubt that could be done (for FM2014 at least), but even given the "late" release of the game you would only have to catch up to the real now which can be done relatively quickly. Obviously this mode would only appear to casual players or those who aren't able to spend long periods playing the game. The reason for suggesting this is that I always enjoy catching up to the real date and seeing where I am compared to the real team at that point (I've even had saves where I have tried to only keep pace with reality, but the I've found that the game does tend to surge ahead if not watched like a hawk). The suggested mode would keep you always at that point which I think would be an enjoyable way to play. Anyone else like this idea, or am I just strange!!!!?
  17. Finally sussed it - the text is "A Lower Division" (not League). Thought I'd tried every permuation of Lower... but obviously missed this one!
  18. Hi Folks, I have created a changes.txt file that successfully moves a non-league team into the Blue Square Bet North, but I just cannot move another team out of there into non-league. Does anyone know that the "New League" text should be for non-league? I've tried Other, None, Lower, A Lower League all with and without English but nothing works. Really grateful for any assistance. Many thanks
  19. Thanks guys, guess there's no reason to hold back now!
  20. Folks, I'm just about to bite the bullet and upgrade my laptop to Windows 8 but before I do I wanted see if anyone who is playing FM13 on a Windows 8 machine has any issues with it? I know the manual is not available and the Facebook link doesn't work, but neither of these are an issue for me. Really appreciate feedback on their experience from anyone using Windows 8. Thanks in advance. :-)
  21. Hi All, I know the English Reserves and Under 18's leagues don't have fixed IDs in the game, and their IDs are generated at the start and vary depending on the number of leagues etc you decide to run. I like to add league logos and for these leagues, and in FM2012 it was easy enough as you could get the IDs by selecting "show unique IDs" in preferences, but this year they don't show (but they do for all normal competitions). The Editor gives no clues whatsoever. Does anyone know how to view these IDs this year? Alternatively, does anyone know the range of IDs that are used for competitions created as the game starts? If I have an idea where to start I can blitz a whole range until I "get lucky" as once you find one they all follow on sequentially (or they did in the past couple of versions of FM). Thanks in advance.
  22. Norwich in the Blue Square North in 2312 (I think that's the year - can't really make it out). Guess that will be down to continental drift!!!
  23. I've got same problem. Works fine if I use the ID, but when I put /fred bloggs 31-01/ I just get the default faces. Has the syntax changed for 2011?
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