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  1. Think I should have posted this in ME issues - can you move it to the correct thread please?
  2. Folks, The shirt sleeves are the wrong way round on the 3D kits when viewing matches. The Blackburn Rovers shirt has a white left sleeve and a blue right sleeve, but in the 3D match engine they are the wrong way round. This is exactly the same issue I reported in FM2016 HERE. A little disappointing this wasn't fixed in '16, never mind still being an issue in '17. Can we get this fixed? Please? Pretty please?
  3. As per the title - states "Keep Director of Football person #2 at the club" under Agreed Promises. Guess this should state the actual name rather then person #2 ??
  4. Another vote here to bring back the manager photo. Feature wasn't broken, worked perfectly. Why change from a proper photo to some horrible computer generated approximation? Please give me my real face back.
  5. This doesn't seem to have been fixed in the latest patch. Will it be fixed at all?
  6. Well found! :-) These are the packs that I downloaded a few years ago, didn't realise they were still around.
  7. Hi, Not the same as a generated face, but if you have a suitable picture you can add your own facepack using the ID's your players were given when you added them in the editor. A few years ago there were a number of real "alternate regen" facepacks published and I have a bank of about 400+ ready-cut faces covering all ethnicities and a range of ages (including "old" faces for staff) and a few female faces too that I use for players that I've added in the editor myself (and another 400+ that just need cutting). The majority are real faces from other sports (which I don't follow so don't recognise) although a few are generated faces but not in the SI sense - they are indistinguishable from real photos. These aren't my work so I can't publish them but I'd happily share them with you off-forum if you want to drop me a private message with your email address.
  8. Hi, When playing with teams where the left and right sleeves are different colours to each other AND where there is a 3D kit for that team (as opposed to the default) then the left and right sleeves are transposed. Birmingham City have a licenced 2D and 3D away kit by SI in the game: 2D: 3D: (I do know that the 3D texture is correct - the top left corner is the left sleeve) In match, the sleeves on the 3D kit are the wrong way round: PKM uploaded to server - file name: FIDNEY Birmingham Away Kit Issue.pkm Blackburn Rovers have a licenced 2D and 3D home kit by SI in the game: 2D: 3D: In match, again, the sleeves on the 3D kit are the wrong way round: PKM uploaded to server - file name: FIDNEY Blackburn Kit Issue.pkm Now, compare this to Norwich City - they're in the Premier league so don't have any licenced 2D or 3D kits in the game. Their kit looks like this: There is no 3D texture in the game for Norwich and in the 3D match the sleeves are the CORRECT way round: PKM uploaded to server - file name: FIDNEY Norwich Kit Issue (none).pkm This seems to be the same issue I reported in FM2015 (, so hopefully whatever the fix was then will be the same now.
  9. Hi Folks, Does anyone know how to view the competition IDs for the English Under 21 (reserve) and Under 18 (youth) leagues in FM15? I know that these are created dynamically when you start a new game, so you cannot pull them up in the pre-game editor. 0n previous versions of FM you used to be able to see the IDs when you set the game to display the IDs in preferences, but in FM15 no ID shows for these leagues if you try that. Thanks in advance
  10. Nice, thank you for sharing this.
  11. The kits kubo advised you to download are the 2D kits you see on screen so you do need those, but to change the kits your players wear in the 3D match engine you will also need to download a 3D kit pack and do the same renaming of the Cardiff kits there too. You can get a Championship 3D kit pack over at Sortitoutsi here:
  12. You can use the name instead of UID in the config file, for example <record from="u18league" to="graphics/pictures/comp/english under 18s group 1/logo"/> The bit in red is where you would normally quote the UID. This certainly works for the English reserves and U18s which are competitions that are "created" when you start a game and have no visible UID (in fact it works for ANY competition even if you can see the UID). Can't say for definite it will work for user created competitions but don't see why it wouldn't. Just remember to put everything in lower case. Hope this helps.
  13. That's a relief, thanks. So can the game still be played offline as usual? There is no REQUIREMENT for an internet connection once the game is installed and activated?
  14. Yeah, was thinking the same thing here. The term ‘cloud save’ technology and the requirement for a broadband internet connection in the game specs left me feeling cold and clammy. Online activation I can live with, but if you NEED an internet connection to play then unfortunately I'm out for the first time in 15+ years. I play the game on my laptop on places where I haven't got 'tinternet. Please can you confirm the cloud save is optional and that you don't need a connection to play the game-
  15. I have a suggestion that might suit people who play the game at a more sedate pace - Parallel Reality Mode in which the game does not let you progress further than today's real date (reading it from your system clock), preferably using real fixtures. I would imagine that coding such an (optional) restriction is not a major piece of programming (but what do I know). That way you can take your favourite team and actually compete against the real manager of the real team in real time. Ideally the game would be released in the close reason instead of October/November, but I doubt that could be done (for FM2014 at least), but even given the "late" release of the game you would only have to catch up to the real now which can be done relatively quickly. Obviously this mode would only appear to casual players or those who aren't able to spend long periods playing the game. The reason for suggesting this is that I always enjoy catching up to the real date and seeing where I am compared to the real team at that point (I've even had saves where I have tried to only keep pace with reality, but the I've found that the game does tend to surge ahead if not watched like a hawk). The suggested mode would keep you always at that point which I think would be an enjoyable way to play. Anyone else like this idea, or am I just strange!!!!?