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  1. msteuk

    Help diagnosing computer problem...

    Ok thanks. Just ran it with GPU fan on 100% and case open and played for 5 mins without crash. My major worry is that it might be the CPU rather than the gfx card though. Am I right in thinking that if, after a crash, the hard drive is still doing things and there's (usually) still sound then it won't be the CPU?
  2. Whenever I play a resource intensive game (MW2, Dragon Age, e.g.) I can play for about 30 seconds to 2 minutes, after which the display will freeze with a kind of glitchy, distorted version of whatever was on the screen at that moment. After a little while the screen will go completely blank. There is still sound coming out of the speakers and the hard drive is still active, but just nothing on screen. The only thing I can do is a hard reboot, and often when windows loads up again it will be in a stupidly low resolution. I've tried running the games with my GPU fan set on high in case of an overheating problem, with no luck. Having said that, my graphics card did seem very warm when I took it out after a crash to have a look. I'm running the latest drivers. I'm tempted to say its a crocked graphics card but don't want to shell out the best part of £100 if it isn't. Any ideas appreciated.
  3. msteuk

    Brothels/prostitutes/paying for sex

    If I ended up paying a stripper to celebrate my birthday with me I would literally kill myself.
  4. msteuk

    Dragon Age: Origins

    How does the DLC work re saved games? I redeemed the free 'Stone Warrior' DLC (why make it DLC if it's free and included with the purchase?). Do I need to start a new game for it to work?
  5. msteuk

    The PC Gaming Thread

    Think there's been a major overreaction to this. Multiplayer is fine. Yes, it's a shame that they've restricted some of the options, but unless you absolutely need to be playing a 16v16 bloodbath then I can't see any major reason to get upset. Reading the IW forums is embarrassing, seeing people describe those that buy the game as 'traitors' etc.
  6. msteuk

    Dragon Age: Origins

    Thinking of getting this later, but I tried the character creator off Steam and the graphics are all glitchy in rendering the character. I have a decent enough system (C2D, 3GB RAM, 8800GT), but obviously don't want to pay £30 if it's like that in the full game. Anyone heard of this problem?
  7. Yeah about 10-20% slower iirc
  8. msteuk

    The definition of rape

    Same maximum sentence of life imprisonment, yes.
  9. msteuk

    The definition of rape

    How would I know that you're Australian? Believe it or not, I don't read through everyone's user profile before I post in a thread.
  10. msteuk

    The definition of rape

    Because it's inductively logical. But yeah, my bad for wrongly assuming. Think Donners should have been clearer which jurisdiction he was referring to when he said that women can be charged with rape though.
  11. msteuk

    The definition of rape

    No, I assume that if you're posting on a British messageboard to predominantly British people then you'd be referring to British law.
  12. msteuk

    The definition of rape

    And the Claire Marsh case was pre-2003, before the new Sexual Offences Act superceded the old law.
  13. msteuk

    The definition of rape

    Sorry, but you're wrong. If you look at the Sexual Offences Act it makes it clear that rape requires penetration with the penis. http://www.opsi.gov.uk/acts/acts2003/ukpga_20030042_en_2#pt1-pb1-l1g1 The woman you refer to was probably charged with the separate offence of assault by penetration.
  14. msteuk

    The definition of rape

    Probably because, legally speaking, it's impossible for a woman to rape a man?
  15. msteuk

    The definition of rape

    I think you're being misleading. You're suggesting (whether intentionally or not) that you could be done for rape by having consensual sex but without gaining a positive 'yes' from the woman. You can only be done for rape if the woman actually doesn't consent, which doesn't seem particularly unreasonable at all.