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  1. Does not work. That was the idea of mine as well. But it does not give them history. Like the 2009 rules of Eirik Bakke. He went irl to Leeds when he was 16 years old, so even if he was 100% Norwegian, he was counted as a foreigner because he did not spent 2 years time in a Norwegian club between 16 and 18. It's a stupid rule, and probably the reason why the Norwegian league and national team sucks so much.
  2. Yeah. Sorry not sorry. Single player game. Prefer to follow the rules. "prefer". Not always the case.
  3. Nah. Not just that bug. There are tons of other good stuff in FM 2007. Primarily, it was the second last year before Norway changed their league system. Before 2009 you could have as many EU player you wanted. But only 2 people outside the EU. Meaning only two from Brasil or Romania or whatever. It was fun, because you can get young talents from most of the countries. But after 2008. Norwegian Football Federation changed the league system to only 9 player from outside Norway. (16 players have to be trained in a norwegian club at least 2 year before 18.) Good luck getting talents like that, as
  4. Yeah, but in fm07, you could use a sly tactic of payment pr month that function like a bug or idk. Meaning you could still get £20M and even £60M for players as long as they payed a acceptable fee each month. somehow this "bug" does not work prior 2008 and at least not in 2019.
  5. No, I don't want to play the game realistically. I "prefer" to do it, but when stupid things like this happens, well I don't really care anymore. Tbh, the thing we all want to do when playing Football manager, is being like a god of tactics. Finding the wonderkids the AI can't seem to locate, develop the ultimate tactics, develop players to stars and win with them or sell them and move on, build a empire of your preferred team and let them beat whatever you decide you should beat. The only realistic thing I want with FM, is to play it and don't interfere with it. I want to play a game where I
  6. The board just wanted to sell him. They accepted a offer for £1,5M from PSG with future hope of getting £3M. F**k this board! Just right before the CL qualification and for almost nothing at all. Wish there was a way to just overrule the board. Like in the ingame or pre-editor, remove the board or make them not interfering since they are clearly morons. I quit! Thank you all for your advice btw. Guess I just play something else instead. Thanks SI. Never gonna buy your games again.
  7. Good discussion. Love it guys. But is it possible to change this in the editor? Or a mod for it? I love playing "realistically". But getting £100K in profits each sale ain't gonna get Brann to win the CL. (yeah in the long run) Is there any hope or do I have to get there by getting prize money?
  8. Ok. But that is not realistic at all. I mean. If there is a next Messi in a lower league, he surely is worth more than that. At least £3M should be easily obtainable. Martin Ødegaard went in real life for the same. Is there any way to increase his value at any least?
  9. Hi. Been playing for a while and are taking the Norwegian team "Brann" to the title and the Champions league. Have been gathering a lot of talents over the years and now I have finally manage to get a 19 year old that are rated as a wonderkid. I can see in FM editor that his potential is 167 (check his stats) and he is already a top player in the league. (currently on whopping 114) (I don't like to use the editor, but it is a good way to show his level for this particularly scenario.) - The thing is, somehow he is only worth £50K. Like wft? Yes his contract is low as he only earn £4K
  10. Follow this step-by-step guide by Slabbekoorn. It worked for me. But you have to do it in the Pre-Editor so you have to start a new game.
  11. Solved. Found a solution in the Archive. Slabbekoorn is the man of the day year.
  12. Found a solution. No thanks to SI. A member named "Slabbekoorn" manage to come up with a great step-by-step tutorial. Just writing it here, in case some other unsatisfied soul just happen to find this post in the future.
  13. I just want to say thank you for removing what stopped me from playing FM since 2008. (The year the Norwegian tournament went from max 2 NON-EU player to the ******** rule of: minimum 16 players have to be trained in Norway before their 21st birthday and you have a maximum squad of 25. Meaning only 9 foreign players) No wonder Norwegian team struggle in Europe in real life. Again THANK YOU Slabbekoorn. You are my hero. I'm gonna make a fake player of you in my game. (SOLVED, this works)
  14. Will this terminate the problems concerning the Norwegian leagues rules of needing 16 players of 25 that have been in Norway for 3 years before turning 21? If so, I might want to marry you.
  15. Ongoing topic in the editor highway subforum. Still wants a reply there. Link I have a request for a feature that let you either "edit the number of how many players you can register for a season" or "change a players trained in nation status". Norway have this stupid rule that you can only use max 9 people that have not spend at least 3 years in the nation before turning 21. You can only register 25 people, 16 of them has to be trained in Norway (3 years before 21). Meaning only 9 could be from other countries. Only work around is to get them before they turn 18 (many lea
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