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  1. Really bad though, that SI removed such a neat feature from the game for no apparent reason.
  2. I am interested in conducting an AI manager experiment after i stumble upon these two parameters under the debug settings section in the settings.fmf file : <!--debug settings--> <boolean id="disable_human_managers_sackings" value="false"/> <boolean id="disable_ai_managers_sackings" value="false"/> And further down there's the variables for the above two parameters: <!--[Debug] Disable Human Managers Sackings--> <record id="disable_human_managers_sackings"> <string id="name" value="Disable Human Managers Sackings" translate="false"/> <boolean id="default_value" value="false"/> <record id="widget_info"> <symbol id="class" value="setting_check_box"/> <boolean id="disabled" value="true" /> </record> <record id="widget_edit_info"> <symbol id="class" value="setting_check_box"/> </record> </record> <!--[Debug] Disable AI Managers Sackings--> <record id="disable_ai_managers_sackings"> <string id="name" value="Disable AI Managers Sackings" translate="false"/> <boolean id="default_value" value="false"/> <record id="widget_info"> <symbol id="class" value="setting_check_box"/> <boolean id="disabled" value="true" /> </record> <record id="widget_edit_info"> <symbol id="class" value="setting_check_box"/> </record> </record> I have tried changing the values between true and false in all those lines and still when i holiday through my game for this experiment the AI manager still got sacked. I was actually wondering if is it possible to enable this option in the main game so that both the ai manager and the human manager will not be sacked no matter how bad their results are?
  3. Ah, Todorov I always sign him when i play as any team in CM03/04 without fail and he was truly legendary. His outrageous 20 dribbling and 20 shooting was a beast wherever he went. Almost always end up as my club's highest record goalscorer as he destroys the opponent's team for fun left and right in my long term saves back in the day. I also fondly remember a certain wonderkid player simply known as 'JR' originally playing in a certain norwegian club in that CM 03/04 version. If anyone knows who that JR is please refresh my memory as i can't seem to remember his full name and the club that he played for back in the day.
  4. Getting a win against the favourites when you are 3 men down in their home ground in the league.
  5. Yes marceloOrigoni, that's the thing. They have contracts with the club and it's like they do nothing at all in the game. I was wondering why SI put in a media pundit position in the game but we cannot view them in our club staff screen and what is their exact role in FM. It is this ambiguity that sometimes makes me enjoy FM less and less because this role is so ambiguous and so far nobody, especially SI, can come up with a 100% accurate description on what they are supposed to serve in game.
  6. So, what is the role of a media pundit? They can't give you advice during press conferences, you can't interact with them, they're not part of your coaching or scouting staff, and they also do not appear in the club staff screen, yet they have contracts with the club. Ideas anyone? I've searched through all the threads and I'm frankly disappointed that SI has not made this role clear on what it's supposed to do in relation to our FM game. Are they purposefully try to make it vague, because I really do not know what media pundit's effects are in FM. Thanks in advance for anyone who can come up with an accurate and precise detailing about their roles in FM.
  7. Who's to say that won't happen, what with the micro-transaction and their announcement of charging on the RTE. Maybe in the future they will implement this also, thereby making us pay if we want to get new db updates for our game. I certainly hope it will not come to that though.
  8. Considering that SI has begun implementing micro-transactions and plan to charge for this RTE, I fear it may well become a reality sometime in the long future. I predict that the next time, we will need to pay for an official editor, need to pay to play FMC, need to pay to activate some other leagues, and worse still, need to pay to obtain new patches. Not to mean any disrespect to SI, but I'll definitely stop buying FM in the future if that somehow happens:thdn:
  9. I see. Then i think this game must be severely glitch then regarding this national team match training problem. Really gutted that this major bug is not fixed at all even after the latest patch, because i would like to switch my national team match training to other focus in the future after i've max out the tactical familiarity level. Now i am totally unable to switch my national team match training focus to other types except "tactics only" because it keeps resetting back and not saving the new changes. I hope SI fixed this glitch in their next versions. Note: I just got a respond from SI that this is indeed a confirmed bug in this year's FM 2013 version and that they will be looking to fix it for FM 2014. The thread for reference can be found here: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/358325-National-Team-Match-Training
  10. I see. It seems raising the tactical familiarity level for national teams is quite a slow process then and could take years to develop to a high level of tactical familiarity. Anyway, are you facing problems in setting your match training to other than "tactics only" for your national team? It seems i cannot set it to other types of training because it keeps resetting back to the default option of "tactics only" everytime i return back to the tactics screen.
  11. Alright, thanks for the clarification podunkboy. I juts hope my tactical familiarity level will rise to at least the mid-point on the bar by the end of next season. By the way, when you are managing your Senegal, are you able to change your match training? For mine i have been unable to change my match training to other options other than "tactics only" because it keeps resetting back after i changed it. For example, whenever i navigate away from the tactics screen and return back the next time to it the match training will automatically revert back to "tactics only" even after i change to other options, such as "attacking movement" or "attacking set pieces". I am managing both club and country at the same time and i don't have this problem with switching my match training in my club. I only experience this strange problem with my national team. By the way, i didn't tick "runs match training" for my assistant in my national team either, so i really can't find out what's the problem with it.
  12. I usually arrange my friendlies against weaker opposition to get match fitness and against stronger opposition to try out new tactics in the preseason. It depends on what you hope to achieve in your preseason such as to let your team gel, experiment with new tactics, raising morale or just to get your match fitness up. Usually i set the amount of my friendlies to between 5 to 8 matches if the fixture allows it.
  13. For me, regardless of whether i am managing a strong or weak team, the competition that i focus on the most first is the domestic league. This is because the domestic league is the main criteria on whether or not the board judges your job security throughout the season and chooses to either sack or retain your managerial position. If i am cruising through the league when it reaches the mid-season, only then will i begin to slowly shift my focus away towards winning the major or minor cups of the league.
  14. Usually i play friendlies against weaker opposition to raise my squad's match fitness and against stronger opposition to perhaps test out my tactics in preseason. It really depends on what you hope to achieve in your preseason friendlies for your squad, either in raising morale, getting your team to gel, experiment with various formations or raising the match fitness of your players.
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