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  1. Unfortunately 1.5billion of debt is just for the owner rights of the existing stadium. I was already in deep financial trouble as i have said during my first messages because of my transfer spree, and now on top of that now i have an extra 1.5billion to deal with😃
  2. for the last time.. I did not edit! i dont see any fun at having 1,500,000,000 debt after third season and having two consecutive -9 point seasons. and also i dont think its a bug- i basically found a loophole and exploited it- for every 40 to 80m player, i only paid not more than 5m upfront and the rest was always paid in future payments, meaning it did not effect my current transfer budget that much at all. no matter how weird all these sounds like, all of this actually did happen the club did allowed me to buy players with majority of its payments done later, which resulted in consecutive point reductions. btw: if i really wanted to edit, i would erase the debt now or reduce the potential ability of the players before i began this massive transfer campain.. that way, i could have them for cheaper (and then revert back their PA again) this is %100 what happened. i exploited the front/future payment system and had my first -9 points because of the massive debt. then for the last season, i had an extra 1,500,000,000 debt for purchasing the rental stadium.
  3. when you have Bailey and 15 other wonderkids within your squad, IRL even you would have ignored Noble leaving..
  4. I just have one question. when we ask for training facility or youth facility improvement, the board agrees but a couple of months later, if its no longer possible due to financial reasons, the board often cancels it- i am sure many of us here have witness that. the question is, how can the board doesnt cancel such an unbelievable amount for a stadium purchase? its 1,500,000,000 euros!!
  5. I did not edit anything if thats what you are claiming, if i had manipulated my financials, i am not a masochist, i would have put money in, not take it out. I have FMRTE installed for finding regens, that could be why thats there.
  6. i have two feedbacks for you. a)Haaland performs best as a Pressing forward b)I wouldnt use a MEZ and BBM together.. by default both roams around the pitch and that could make your central mid highly vulnerable to counter attacks. not to mention your third central midfield is also an attacking role. make sure one of those 3 players are at least DLP(s) basically you need 1 midfield to be more static.
  7. 48 months payment system allows you to far exceed that budget. you keep the front payment 4m and purchase someone for 40m, only 4m deducted from your first budget.
  8. yeah but if the stadium purchase will cost 1,500,000,000 euros surely there must be sort of a warning before + the bord always scrapped off training facility improvements if the finance is bad.. why not stadium purchase? i am screwed. now i have 1,000,000,000 debt. West Ham is literally going bankrupt
  9. he is really tall and left footed. i loved that detail. his attributes looks fine, but you might want to improve his speed + passing
  10. those players have random potential attributes so what amount we pay depends on their randomly generated potential ability. so lets say you spend 40m for boadu or wague, thats probably because his PA is randomly generated at 152 in your save, however in my version the club didnt accept anything less then lets say 70m thats because his PA in my game was 178, which is basically Messi level.
  11. now, here is my question.. okay the transfer debt is %100 my fault, i spent the money the club didnt have so the club went under administration.. i cant say anything about that first -9 points BUT sometimes when i ask for an improvement at training facilities etc.. the clubs often yes but if the financial details doesnt work at the end of the season, they cancel it. (i am sure you guys had this experience) the question is, how can the club agreed to buy and spend 1,500,000,000 for a stadium purchase a)without telling me how huge that debt amount would be b)since the club didnt had that kind of money to purchase the stadium, why the hell the board did not cancel the purchasing action just like they do with the training facilities THIS MUST BE A BUG RIGHT?
  12. although i started with -9 points, i finished 5th (i would have finished third) + semi final at CL then when it looked like there is a light at the end of the tunnel, something unthinkable happened AGAIN you guys will not believe but i have the screenshots to prove. so the season ended and before it did, i just randomly pressed "buy the stadium" option (we were renting the stadium) so West Ham did go ahead and purchased the stadium and it was no longer rental. the next season started... BUT NOW I HAD AN EXTRA 1,500,000,000 euros of extra debt , written under ground maintenance section at the expense list. football wise, i still was pretty good, unbeaten after 10 games and i was 1st in the league, but again the club was in even a bigger debt because of that stupid stadium purchase value. and guess what happened. ADMINISTRATION AGAIN... -9 POINTS AGAIN
  13. Brentford lacks the youth team, youth recruitment etc. thats why for me playing an enjoyable save with them is impossible. As for AZ Alkmaar, i dont want to get into the specifics and spoil the fun but some of those highly rated youngsters have pretty low consistency (hidden attribute) and if you are a picky manager like me, thats also a big no for me.
  14. Premier league: AI makes better, smarter transfers, for example your opponent Liverpool buys Tonali or United goes for Milinko-Savic + more challenge to win against a mid table team. La Liga: Less competition, almost definitely you'll seal your spot as a top 3 team within 2 years. matches against mid/low table teams are much easier to win both for you and the AI Serie A: I would say out of the three choices, Serie A is the easiest to win. You dont have a Barcelona or a Liverpool to deal with- Juventus often underachieves. another downside is your player values dont increase as drastically as it does in the other two leagues. to sum up: EPL is by far the most enjoyable for many different reasons.
  15. that could be possibility, but so far we are storming the league- and if it continues like this, i dont think there is a reason why i should be sacked. *ofcourse its still too early to be certain, i am experiencing something new so anything could happen
  16. and now this happened!! no worries though- just like marvin gaye have said, AINT NO MOUNTAIN HIGH ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!! THIS ONLY MOTIVATES ME MORE!!!!
  17. You are talking about Paulinho & Boadu, right? Those deals are part of my short to long term strategy. Paulinho and Boadu were only 18 when i purchased them. at that point, I already invested heavily on the youngsters at other positions in my starting eleven so for a healthier balance, i planned %60 F.Anderson %40 Paulinho rotation at the left wing for 2 seasons. hopefully after two years, i will be selling Anderson hopefully for a good amount, and Paulinho will then be 20/21 years old and be ready to rumble with more experience and improved attributes. the same with Boadu, Edouard from Celtic will now provide short term results for me while i improve Boadu on the side. so just like the Anderson & Paulinho swap, after two seasons when Boadu is 20/21 years old i'll sell Edouard with great profit & replace him with an improved Boadu
  18. no need to sell anyone! i just fast forwarded the game into december, and the club makes an agreement called the company voluntary agreement, basically we will be paying that debt at 600k a month for the next 30 years so we are all good, the ffp threshold is green once again!! *i will now go back to my original date, september and resume my save from that point, i just wanted to see what would happen 6 months later so i went on holiday. to conclude the debt gets restructured and 6 months later everything is all good!! thank you FM20
  19. I cant sell anyone.. because what i wanted to with West Ham was a complete overhaul- their current squad... well it sucks! (no offense to their fans) so i basically cleaned up the ENTIRE team, just kept Cardoso, Anderson and Rice, thats it. the team i created will easily dominate the league in a couple of years so i am really comfortable with the team (we finished 3rd first season) the only issue now is WHAT TO DO WITH THIS GIANT DEBT? in the previous versions, the owners used to step in, and clean up the debt, and as far as i could see from the editor, the owner is indeed an underwriter sugardaddy. that being said, nobody stepped in yet, and a warning appeared saying we are on the verge of administration! SO, WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK WILL HAPPEN? (considering i wouldnt sell anyone)
  20. due to my reckless transfers the club is in real danger of going into administration. what will be the club's future? will i somehow maybe see the club get sold to a billionaire? is that even an option atm?
  21. the only down side with him is i personally dont really like short goalkeepers, its a big no from me, so for that reason I'M OUT
  22. Greetings everyone, to begin with, i hope everyone a great new year! as for the topic of this thread, I am playing with AC Milan and as you all probably know- they share a common stadium with their rival, Inter. the question is simple: my board agreed to extend the capacity to 85K, and it will cost 88m euros. the issue is, does this mean Inter will automatically get their own home matches in a stadium that will now hold bigger capacity and they paid no money for it?
  23. I loaned him right after his loan with Dortmund ended- he was listed automatically for loan again- then after the second season i used my optional buy fee which was around 75m €
  24. Actually that sounds really exciting, i never had a tycoon takeover randomly happening in my saves, so i would just go ahead and try to create a real dream team Milan if i were you. as for the negative aspect of "easily dominating the league" well lets be honest- even a save with Venezia, it will eventually be inevitable and even a mediocre FM player will eventually dominate its save game anyway.
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